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Numb Arms During Deadlift

Ok, so I’m doing my working set of deadlifts, and right after my 5th one (with a brief pause that I usually do), I set the weight down, and realize both of my arms and my hands are numb, or have that numbing feeling. I understand dizziness from lifting heavy, but not so much numb arms from lifting heavy. I’m sure my form is pretty good for the most part (very slight back arch on the 5th pull). Has anyone ever gotten this before? Could this be due to bad form in general? or is this something that tends to happen from time to time?

Maybe you’re using your arms to pull the weight up? Here’s an article that may clear some things up for you:

I’ve never used my arms or any flexion thereof to lift the bar during a deadlift. This was more of a one time thing, rather than something thats consistent, so I don’t think it’s form. I took a look at the link you provided, I think I have the proper form, but of course you can never be sure unless you have someone who is an expert on form to take a look at it.

I’m gonna do dead’s next wednesday and see how I feel then. I think it may have just been a one time thing.

This is a head scratcher. Like you said, you may as well try it again and see if it happens. Good luck.

numbness looks like a neural problem, I would check on your technique and also evaluate your overal posture. I would not do deadlifts before checking this out, then starting again with perfect technique.
do u feel numbness also in your fingers?

Yes, my entire arms feel numb, including my fingers. Its basically the feeling you get when you’ve had blood loss to a particular area for a little bit of time. Hmm, neural, it seems like it. I’m gonna do same weight and see if I get it again, then I’ll probably lower the weight and really focus on the form to see if there are any distinct differences.

Only problem I consciously have with form is a slight rounding on the 5th pull. The slight rounding may have a possible effect on neuronal function to my arms, but that is too advanced for my knowledge to be sure. Also, I’m not sure when the numbness occurred, I just noticed it after I finished the 5th pull, locked out for 3 sec and lowered the bar. Could have been there earlier, but I don’t know.

I am a functional trainer and work with chiropractors, my advise is to see one and get your spine fixed before doing any workout again, then coming back to training and check on proper form :))))))