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Nuke Your City!


The D.U.M.B.S. Thread made me do a little searching. Looks like this place combines some nuclear and atomic bomb variations and lets you see the potential blast radius and damage radius if your city were to be targeted. I'm ok with all but the 500MT version. Or the asteroid impact. But everyone is fucked if that happens.




its scary, to think that muslims, could get their dirty hands on those types of weapons.


It's scary that some people think only muslims have dirty hands.....and they are the only one's capable of illogical use of weapons of mass destruction.


1st. muslims are the enemy of all freedom loving people, they are barbaric scum, that need to be opposed on all levels.

2nd. most men can be deterred, by threat of counter attack. muslims can not, they say their not scared of death and martyrdom. if it means the destruction of their enemies. you can not reason with such men. you have to fight them.

3rd. you need to stop drinking, that kool-aid


First of all,stop using "political cliche" that you don't know how and when to use properly. Especially when you have completely embraced a close-minded perspective. Which,ironically,was the underlying point of my original comments.

Those few men that are not deterred by counter attacks are enough for the same concern just as RADICAL Muslims are when it comes to nuclear weapon capability. That's all I was saying.


Sorry but Boss is right,

seriously how do you deter someone with nuclear capabilities, If I wanted to destroy you I would do it before you could deter me. or react.


Seriously. Granted, I'm leaving nukes out of this, but I'm much more afraid of my own government than I am of them terrorist Muslims. Oh wait, I forgot, Obama is a Muslim!!!!111!! Did you know his middle name is Hussein??!!!11!! Zomg! That explains everything!



I'm not so sure you'd want to say that to some of the Muslim Marines I served with in Iraq and the Philippines.

Yeah, you might want to take that one up with Nathan Hale.

Actually this post is more retarded than the worst posts of Ryan P, Petedacook, and jeffdirect rolled together. I'm willing to bet you wrote it in crayon on your monitor before someone came by and typed it for you.



No doubt. Regardless if I agree with them or not,the polarized views and fears that people have of our current administration would make you think that most are less worried about Muslims right now. But you have to wonder and play what-if games with radical groups(Muslim or not) taking advantage of our current domestic/political atmosphere. Almost like how Russia was "poking" at us around the time of elections/Obama inauguration.


Kodiak's a troll ... just lettin ya in on the secret .. if you couldn't tell anyway


It is ridiculous to think you can stereotype any single group of people into a specific behavior. There are Radicals in all causes.


Hey Kodiak, Piss off, you are ruining a perfectly good thread where people nuke thier town or city and then post about the aftermath.



Muslims aren't fucking insane. Hell, even the REALLY crazy ones know that using nukes changes the game. When the stakes are the MOTHERFUCKING WORLD people tend to take that shit seriously.


Umm, I hit the "Nuke it!" button and sirens have started going off. Actually, as I type this, I think I hear a progressively louder whistling. Like something shooting down from the sky and righ


Looks like it's going to take at least 400 Kilotons to completely wipe Detroit off the face of the Earth and get at some of the surrounding areas too. It would be in America's best interest to do so. I don't think there should be a sufficient evacuation warning though. Maybe an hour or so then: BOOM! America's cancer completely destroyed!

I remember listening to an episode of loveline years ago, and Adam Carolla would do a little skit about carpet bombing certain areas of America in order to make it a better place. Funny stuff..........

But I'm serious about nuking Detroit. They have already suggested bulldozing certain areas of Detroit, let's not fuck around, let's not go after this thing with a ballpeen hammer.... Break out the 20 lb. sledge!


Exactly. Black people have filthy hands too.


And fucking Mexicans.


Ooooh I wish that had been number 2000.


how am I troll? please explain.


Quality visual sir.