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'Nuke, nuke Israel!'


Palestine? Lebanon? London? Nope: Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Also heard, "You need a big oven!" No antisemitism there. I'm sure they're ignoring Surah 3:112 and the other Qur'anic antisemitic motifs.

Boy am I glad the protesters featured here are only a Tiny Minority of Extremists!


Funny I never hear you make a big deal when numerous people in this forum make comments about nuking various Arab nations.

Only matters if it's Israel, right?



No, it matters if it's any other infidel country. You're just not very good at paying attention to my posts. But I've never called for the nuking of the Arabs, just into containing them in their own countries where they can turn their jihad on other Arabs who aren't being Islamic enough rather than onto infidels.



Who on these forums is calling for the nuking of various Arab nations? Besides a few chuckleheads who can't be taken seriously.


I did see someone suggest nuking both sides so they'd stop killing each other. Not really sure how that's suppossed to help stop the deaths, though.


Yeah, I saw that post too. One of the chuckleheads.



Nuke Israel and we ALL better pray...

Because hell will be unleashed from beneath the Negev...



I consider it pretty much inevitable that the Muslims will use WMD on some non-Muslim nation. The impetus of Iran's entire nuclear program is to use the weapons against Israel, which is a country only the size of Rhode Island. I can totally picture the Taliban taking Pakistan and using the nukes there against the Hindus or giving them to Al Qaeda to use against us or Israel. Then there's the demographic issue in Europe. France is a nuclear power, what will happen when the perpetual intifada there finally causes the French government to collapse in 10-20 years? What about the UK?


I think you may be overacting a little bit...As bad as many of the Arab nations are, the Muslims aren't all some ubiquitous evil. Unfortunately, there are enough extremist elements that it is cause for serious concern.


What do you think the purpose of Iran's nuclear program is?


Oh, I'm agreed with you there. But I don't see an intifada causing a collapse of the French government. Or extremist elements overpowering in the UK.


Cut down on greenhouse gases, leading to the survival of the polar bear population.


I'm naive enough to think that they have oldfashioned political ambitions of hegemony over the areas around them.


Let them say what they want. Freedom of speech right?
This makes me happy that their monkey asses are dying in Gaza.


I think you're under the illusion that this conflict will confine itself to Palestine:


Here they are attacking the Jews in Belgium:


The retaliation against Israelis has begun in Scandinavia.
The article is in Swedish, but it happened in Denmark: http://sydsvenskan.se/danmark/article402666/Skottdrama-i-danskt-kopcentrum.html

Two Israeli men were shot today inside of one of the biggest malls in Denmark. The guy who did it was around 25 years old and drove off, but security cameras caught him on tape.

What a display of diplomacy!




Obviously methodists inspired by Jesus.


I believe they're Jews in disquise. Later, they will give up the ruse. They'll riot, damage property, and attack muslim passerbys.


Don't forget, Sloth!

Millions of Uranium produced kilowatts are needed to produce Baby Formula!