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Nuggets of Wisdom

I was reading “The Essential Berardi: A stripped down overview of JB’s dietary wisdom” and was especially struck by the last couple of points. I wanted to post them for nobody in particular (coughcoughoriginaldemoncoughcough)

John’s Random Words O’ Wisdom

  • Consistency, not novelty is the secret to uncommon results. Only those too impatient to follow simple, rational, and balanced eating and training programs will choose fringe eating and training methods. And these are the people who won’t be in the gym twelve months from now.

  • To succeed in weight lifting, do shorter workouts than the magazines want you to, train heavier than your muscles want you to, do more reps than your mind wants you to, and eat more food than your stomach wants you to. As John says, “Getting big is a battle and my weapon is a fork.”