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Nugent For Governor?


I have been hearing utterings that Ted Nugent might be running for governor of Michigan. Now I admire him for his passion, for his anti-gun control stance, and for his love of hunting.

On the other hand, his politics are terrible (to me, of course). What do you fellas think? Would you vote for THE NUGE!??




For the entertainment value, if not for anything else.


Why not? After all, it's not my state... Then again, I am in a state striken by a politically clumsy novelty (CA).


I'd elect Nugent to anything. Watching his old school philosphy shine in that show he had was awesome, give him a run in the office for a while. Nothing he does couldn't be undone in time.


That show was pretty badass.


I would vote for uncle Ted in a second. Unlike most politicians, Ted never lost his connection to the common man and like Irish said, his passion is unmistakable. Also, Ted has been VERY politically active both in the great state of Michigan and nationaly.

I'm here to tell ya, if good 'ol Uncle Ted decides to run he'll have a TON of support. I hope he does. If nothing else it'll send the bleeding heart, anti hunting, hippie libs into a damn fit.


If I lived in Michigan I probably would, yes.


I used to live near detroit and I can tell you that Nugent has a HUGE following in that state. It wouldnt surprise me if he won.


"The Nuge" is an assbag.

Mr. Conservative Politics.

How about paying for your kids- or at least agreeing to meet with them?

Also, I think that he was (at one point) nailing an underage girl- tried to take custody of her from her parents- or some garbage like that.


Seriously, all Ted would have to do is put his name on the ballot and he would probably win. I recommend reading his book "God, Guns, & Rock'n'Roll". His commonsense aproach to life is refreshing and motivating.

[i]"When you responsibly procure your family's dinner by hand, each meal becomes a sacred rite, and the reality of life and death is undeniable. It is good and so is the feast".[/i]

[i]"How dare hot tub environmentalists protest hunting, that which is the only hope for this special, unique animal, the elephant?"[/i]

[i]"Sometimes you give the world the best you got, and you get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you got anyway."[/i]

[i]"your life starts at point A and ends at point B. Kick maximum ass!!"[/i]

[i]-Ted Nugent[/i]


I would vote him govenor of Texas.

As a politician he makes a great muscian.


Which way did Michigan go in the last couple of elections?


Republican, Republican, Democrat


haha. Yea I read have his book. It was pretty humorous. Like I said, I love the passion and the fire. But he is a little crazy, and I think Detroit might end up seceding if he came in.


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I am really against the idea of celebrities becoming politicians. I already have to listen to these idiots on TV talking about their extreme political views (on either side) when they are not qualifed to talk about anything other than how great their latest movie is going to be. They simply have the confidance/ego to spout off their opinions and I am insulted that the networks even give them a forum to do so.

I saw Nugent on CNN the other night and although he seemed passionate about his principles, he had a hard time supporting his arguments logically. His response to counter-arguements was mostly circular. Its right because its right.

I bet their are many people who share his views that are more qualified to run the executive office of the state. Unfortunately fame does provide a greater opportunity.

Personally, I will be writing in my vote for Carl Weathers because he was in Predator.

Anyone else remember that skit?


I believe you are talking about Steven Tyler, not Uncle Teddly.


Why not, Aaanold ran for governor and Diebold gave him the elec....I mean he won.


Wango Tango....