Nude Aerobics baby!

While this may be construed as ‘off topic’ but hey, it IS training…in a way… I must digress. After reading this blurb - on ‘nude aerobics’, I just HAD to drop a line to my bros on the Forum, just for a good laugh, and well, the thought of voluptious little T-vixens stripping in an aerobics class is enticing. I propose we dunp the worthless aeorobics format and form our own ‘Melt Down’ or ‘Fat to Fire’ nude classes for the members of the fairer sex. Run by testosterone laden T-men, of course…not the namby pamby cat in the pic…I think T-vixens everywhere would flock enmasse…maybe Coach Davies would even develop a ‘special’ gpp phase for us…what do guys think?