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I just read in the last issue of musclemag that serge nubret ate/eats 10 pounds of steak evry day…is this really possible? Can anyone eat that much?

And if Musclemag said it, it must be true, right? (Cough cough)

I guarantee i could if i had the money.

In the BOOK Pumping Iron I believe it was written that Nubret would eat 10 lbs of HORSE MEAT a day! What do you expect from a Frenchman.

I conducted the interview, and that’s what Serge said. Granted, his English is not fantastic and bodybuilders all tend to exagerate at times. I doubt anyone needs to eat more than three to five pounds of red meat a day.

Whoops! Didn’t know you wrote that, Ron! No disresprect intended. You’re one of the few BB journalists I trust, aside from the regular T-mag crew.

As fot Nubret, remember the rule guys, shit that works for drug using genetic freaks doesn’t always work for average guys who either don’t use or only dabbles in steroid use. Sorry, but I’m just picturing some 16 year old wannabe trying to buy and eat 10 pounds of horse meat a day!

I don’t know if I could eat 10 lbs. of steak, but 10 lbs. of PASTA, that’s a different story (especially on those damn carb-up days).

If he was eating 10 lbs of meat a day, he probably got most of his ab and neck development straining to squeeze out a dump every day.

He got his ab development from banging chicks all day in front of the camera.

Another thing to remember is that in the halycon days of being one of the few pro bodybuilders in the world, Serge didn’t have any other responsibilities (I’m talking mid-'70s here). He used to be well known for taking naps in the gym, midway through his 100 sets per body part routines. It’s very difficult to reconcile what he may have been doing with what we are or could or should be doing today; there’s no comparison.