NSI Men's Passion Booster on TRT

I am wondering, if these ingredients actually will help me since I am on TRT. I should have done more research and realized that tongkat and tribulus help sex drive through testosterone level manipulation (if they do indeed work). Since im on TRT, my natural production doesnt really come into account and i would assume these ingredients, while they may help a natural, will not help my artificially testosterone laden self out?

each capsule:
Vitamin b6 12.5mg
l-arginine base 250mg
oat straw extract 10:1 200mg
l-citrulline 150mg
lj100 tongkat ali extract standardized to 40% 75mg
tribulus terresttris extract standardized to 40% 50mg

its only like 15 bucks a bottle too.

as an aside, i highly recommend NSI products at vitacost.com. i take a dozen supplements daily and have found the ingredients and value to be top notch.

anyway, will that stuff help a TRT person out really or nah. i would assume the tongkat and tribulus wouldnt…

Since you realize most of the ingredients are for guys still producing their own Test, the oat straw (Avena Sativa)is supposed to help stop the binding of T to SHBG and that’s really the only beneficial one there.

Supposing you were to get a bottle of Avena Sativa to stop the SHBG issue, and get a bottle of Chasteberry (Angus-Vitex) to block the Estrogen receptor sites, and now you have a lot of free Estrogen floating around looking for a home. Bad scenario, right?

If you were to get a little adex to stop the majority of the conversion from T to E, and then add those two herbs, that would be a great plan of attack. I use that combination myself and have excellent results doing it.

okay i was under the impression that a good bit of the stuff in this bottle was unrelated to estrogens/testosterone/shbg. if it is all related to that stuff, then i guess it has little to do for me.

my e2 is under control…well sort of.

i was using adex, changing dosages around and then i stopped adex for a week, and got blood tested. e2=11 (ultrasensitive, men’s).

guess i dont need any/only like .2mg a week.

It’s a shame, (IMHO)but you got the wrong test done. (sorry) E2 or Q-Estradiol are the tests for men that matter. The ultra sensitive test looks for too many combined other things. But if it was only E2, and the E2 specifically was E2=11. Did you notice any changes from before or after the starting of the adex? I’m concerned about the test results actually. Did you feel tired, moody, “whiney”, lost libido, achy joints, and morning wood?
If yes to all, then you may of had E2=11, otherwise, I don’t really think so…

It is possible you may be an over-responder to adex, I personally know two. Only two. Of potentially a hundred guys plus or minus that use adex. I 'm not trying to be offensive here, I just want to get the best health care possible, and a “specific” b/w up for men is my concern for you.

I appreciate your concern. Yes, I have lost my libido for over a year now. Started TRT, never got libido back, but enjoyed other TRT benefits.

Yes the e2 of 11 was the men specific e2 test. i specifically asked for it. i just called in ultra-sensitive because that is what dr. jon and others say you need to get.

anyway please check my other thread i posted today. its on the first page of over 35 forum.

it asks what dosage change should be made to my arimidex. basically as far as i can see, i need to use like .2mg a week or none at all.

youll see what i mean when you read my thread…