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Chris, I thought your summery of the NSCA winter conference was great. I went to the same conference and to some of the same talks. I thought some of the presentations were a little more boring then you. The only complaint that I had about Jeff Stout’s presentation was that there wasn’t enough time! I was really interested in what he had to say. I wish NSCA would have let him continue to do the Q&A. Very interesting info.

Thanks. Glad you liked the article. Yeah, we went to several presentations that we didn’t write about. Some were a little too specific and wouldn’t have been interesting to most T-mag readers, like the one about treating the knees of baseball catchers or whatever it was. We instead spent that time in the exhibit hall (and at Hooters.) Stout’s was one of best presentations. BTW, I interviewed Stout while I was there and if TC likes it, it’ll be posted at T-mag soon.

I think the big NSCA conference is in Vegas this year. That should be a good one; I assume it’s not as sport specific as this last one.

yea, good article. look forward to the stout interview.