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NSCA Vegas Conference - Who's Going?


So first off, who here is going? Despite being a NSCA newbie, I'm going for the education, CEUs, and hopes to meet/speak with/worship Alwyn Cosgrove or Dave Tate.

Also, will any representatives from Biotest be there?

Lastly, I'll be bringing plenty of Grow! and tuna, but does anyone know of places to eat that are at least vaguely healthy? I'm cutting and I'd prefer not to eat pure grease for the next several days.


Really? No one?


I know some of you guys out there are going. I'm even all packed!

Two shirts, a laptop, Grow! Whey and Flameout. What more could I need?


A level 5 ? But seriously I'd take laptop in carry-on.


Level 5? Hell naw, we're all level 0 since someone broke the forums and decided that we've all never purchased from Biotest before.

And the laptop goes in the checked bag because it's battery sucks. I can't get more than 20 minutes out of it, so why bother?


I'll be there starting with the pre-conference on Wednesday. I'm going for the education and networking, as well as possibly some job hunting as well.

I don't know if this is your first time in Vegas, but you'll definitely need some more apparel. Firstly, it's gonna be hot as hell if you even dare to step outdoors (>100F), so there will be plenty of sweating...even more if you decide to try any equipment at the Expo...and also, A LOT of the best chances to speak and network happen outside the conference hours, as in places where you may need to be dressed properly just to get in.

Lastly, it's F'ING Vegas, you're seriously gonna bring protein powder? You'll get a bunch of free supplements at the expo, including some protein. And as far as eating choices...ITS FREAKING VEGAS, did I already say that? Every buffet has some form of clean, decent protein.

The first early morning, you'll notice/hear most of the people don't sleep much...CUZ ITS VEGAS, dammit.

As far as Biotest people, Nate Green at the very least should be there.


OP, stop being such a tool and try to have fun. And if eating tuna and Grow in the midst of some of the best cuisine in the country is your idea of fun, then you're pretty much fucked.


Damn, the pic was a joke dude. Chill the hell out.


I got it.

You know, just so you know


I think it is perhaps most important than, leaving the Grow behind and keeping the laptop in the suitcase, that you save the colon cleanse for AFTER the Vegas trip!