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I often take NSAIDs such as voltaren (diclofenac), naprosen, ibuprofen and newer ones such as celebrex for severe D
OMS. Does anyone know if this is detrimental to hypertrophy?

I would strongly suspect it! Inflamation is part of the soft tissue repair proces. Think about it.

I remember reading somewhere that it does affect muscle growth (sorry can’t remember where)I take an asprin and 1000 mg of vitman C if I’m sore before a workout.

aspirin is an anti inflammatory as well (although slightly different mechanism of action)

I only take one asprin with the “C” which is also a natural antinflamatory.I remember ibuprophen being mentioned specificaly-because its stronger acting?? Is it the mechanism? or the amount?..anyone?

I dont know if all the anti-inflammatories have any direct inhibition of hypertrophy but many can decrease T production (painkillers are great at this). Check out the big t articles where this is mentioned.

It’s certainly possible to have good
results in natural bodybuilding while
using NSAID’s. For example, the AAU Mr USA
(a natural contest)
winner from a couple of years ago, Steve
Kidwell, used them constantly. If you
need the anti-inflammatory effect then
I’d say the benefits far outweigh any
theoretical disadvantages which might
not be real anyway with regards to muscle

The anti-inflammatory benefits of NSAIDs with regard to contraction-induced muscle injury are debateable. I have seen a couple studies where administration of NSAIDs actually resulted in an increased inflammatory cell response. It is thought that by shutting down the prostaglandin pathway (COX1 or 2) you may be increasing the generation of leukotrienes which are more potent chemoattractants for inflammatory cells.

From a practical standpoint though, I am aware of two animal studies that demonstrated inhibited recovery after muscle injury (eccentric exercise and toxin administration) with NSAID administration. I am also aware of a current study, that I cannot elaborate on, which shows protein synthesis is inhibited following eccentric contractions with NSAID administration in humans.

It may be though, that with chronic administration of an NSAID, an adaptation might occur which would negate the undesirable effects, hence the successful bodybuilders who consistently use them. It may also be possible that the animal studies are not relevant to humans. On the other hand, it may also be possible that the successful bodybuilders who consistently use NSAIDs could be more successful without them.

Thanks Steve,that clears that up! No really,I think the more info we have the better, and once again it seems that whatever “works” for the individual is what they should go with. As stated below sounds like if he needs to take the NSAIDS he should!