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NSAID's, naproxin side effects?

I read somewhere a while ago something about certain nsaids preventing the proper healing of broken bones. This popped into my head this week for unfortunate reasons and I was interested if anyone knew what the hell I was thinking.

My (abridged) story–
I broke a floating rib on March 1, and took the month off from training. The rib began feeling better around the third weak of the month and I came back to the gym in april, and with only a week’s worth of transition training, I managed to developed tricep tendonitious by mid april. The training staff told me to lay off trainging that bothered it, ice it, and take naproxin twice daily until it stopped bothering me and I was able to get through rehab type excercises pain free. Last week, rather inexpicably, my rib began hurting, and I believe that it is likely rebroken to some degree. I did nothing that I thought would hurt it, and I was even assuming that it had probably healed by that point, given that it had been 2 1/2 months since injury and about 7 weeks since pain. Now I’m wondering why it reemerged so long after the injury, considering that I had had no trouble during the considerable span between the cessation of pain and its reemergence.

I’m going insane at this point. All I want to do is get back into training. In any event, has anyone heard of any sort of connection? I’ll try to figure out where I read about the connection I cited.

Bump, Ky???