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NSAID and Training

I know I’ve read about it before, I have seen it on T-Nation before, but I just can’t find it tonight.
Are NSAIDs (ibuprofin, naproxin) counterproductive to muscle growth, and why?
Are there benefits to using them before training?

Dave Barr touched on this and I think he did again in his recent Prime Time thread. I do beleive they inhibit protein synthesis. I think there was something about the also lowering of cotisol which in and of itself isnt a HUGE evil and is needed to an extent, just not in hugely elevated amounts.

You might try PMing him if he doesnt chime in here, and or LL.

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Here’s a Q&A I did elsewhere:

My understanding is NSAIDs inhibit prostagladins. Prostaglandins are responsible for protein synthesis.