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NSA Phone Records


USA Today is reporting that the NSA is compiling a database of domestic calls of "tens of millions of Americans." Note: They are only databasing the source and destination of calls, rather than the conversations themselves.



Riiiight!!!! And they NEED to do this why?


"Nothing to see here, folks! Your deomcracy is fine! Move along!"


Please use the cortex. If you are trying to intercept al qaeda/other bad guys, it might be a nice idea to determine who is calling their lair. Look up patterns and probabilities in the dictionary.

I know it makes you nervous. Someone might figure out that you've been calling 1-900-wac-ksit twice a day.

Note to bad guys: Don't call terrorists as long as W. is President.

Hope I helped!!!



First of all, you are an idiot. The insults were unnecessary and demonstrates once again you lack any ability to intelligently discuss any topic.

Second of all, even with the most sophisticated equipment, randomly selecting tens of millions of phone calls will take years to determine any real pattern to effectively detect terrorists. By that time, the patterns would most likely change again and your data will not be as helpful.

You would know that if you used YOUR cortex. Then again, if you did, you would stop making your daily phone calls to 1-900-blow-GOP so you can arrange to receive your oral protein injections. But I guess you are in a bulking phase and need as much protein as possible. On the upside, if you did quit, without them grabbing the back of your head as much, you might be able to grow hair on the back of your head again.

Hope I helped!!


This was leaked by Rove or one of his operatives as this will be the cornerstone for the 2006 elections.

i.e. Republicans will do what ever it takes to keep Americans safe and Democrats do not have the will nor the strength to do the same. The Democrats are undermining Republicans while Republicans are trying to keep Americans safe.

See Hayden's nomination to head the CIA.

This is a BS arguement but Rove is hoping that it pull the base together.

We shall see...


Datamining. If they have a database like that and a list of known "bad" numbers they can do massive searches with their super-fast computers to analyze for patterns that look troubling, which could then lead to other numbers -- or to more direct surveillance of the numbers involved in the suspicious patterns.

Connecting some dots, in other words...

Just a guess though.


Congratulations, you've won a one way ticket to GITMO you fucking terrorist you!!!

What? What's going on?

We've assessed your phone records and we see that you dialed a pizza company that was really a front for Al Queda (and you vote democrat) so, we KNOW you are in fact lying bastard scum terrorist, goodbye.

It was a wrong number.... aaaaaauuugh.

Phew, thank god, America is a safer place every day!!!


BB, thank you for reasonably answering this question without insults. Unlike some others here.


I thought they already did this?


al-a-baby wrote:


Therefore, polling should be cancelled. I hope to hear you decry polling data at every opportunity. If you don't, then you are just another run-of-the-mill democratic hypocrite.

Disgusting!!! However, you did get a 5/10 on the creative scale. It would have been higher but for the fact that you were just following along.

On balance, I give your post a solid C-. We had the requisite blinded anger against the GOP. We had the no alternatives to intercepting and foiling domestic terrorism.

In summary, you asked a question. You expected everyone to respond with "the GOP must be breaking the law. Bush just doesn't care about anyone but Halliburton." When given a rational alternative hypothesis, your brain freezes up.

Give the cortex a chance.

Good luck!!!



They do. The "story" is that the fact they do it was leaked, and perhaps that they keep the records(?).


I believe this is a good thing, an essential tool in the war on terror IMHO. This is not a politicl stance, if Ted "the swimming instructor" Kennedy had pushed this I would still support it with the same enthusiasm.

Isn't this NSA program dwarfed by the surveilance program enacted by president Clinton?


If there was some real plan of how to determine which phone calls to track, maybe I wouldn't be so sarcastic about the whole thing. As it stands, tracking random phone calls of tens of millions of people in hope to find some sort of thread to hang on to and build a pattern from smacks of randomness to me. I'm sorry that I can't be as trusting and naive as you are to assume that the government always knows what it is doing and has our best interest at heart at all times.

I've survived way too long and seen enough things for that kind of blind loyalty. As far as the insults are concerned, you started this bullshit for absolutely no reason at all except to continue your standing as one of the most annoying people (MrPushUps still has you beat, but not by much) to post on this board.

As far as polling is concerned, I take all polling with a grain of salt simply because the population is usually so small and never truly representative of the population as a whole. I also take into consideration who runs a poll. Therefore, your point about that and your subsequently weak ass challenge to me is irrelevant and smacks of grandstanding. In other words, your normal tactics.

In summary, I asked a question. You responded in your normal insulting, idiotic way and I responded in the only manner someone of your limited abilities would understand. Boston answered the question in a civillized manner and I thanked him for it. See how that is done, dimwit! There was no blind hatred from me towards the GOP other than what was imagined in your feeble gray matter between your ears that you tend to mistake for your brain.

I'd tell you to give your cortex a chance but you haven't been using it all this time, so it would be a lost cause.


Yea...How bout freedom..

Not only can we use this to get terrorists, but to track down criminals, socialists, Black Panthers, anti-war activists, and whatever the hell else we want.

I can't see how any American can be for this. When did "Conservative" stop meaning "Keep government small and out of my way" to "Yes, please catalog my phone calls so I feel safe".

Fucking creepy is what it is, because the government should never be trusted, regardless of what 'party' is in power. I don't care if it's Clinton or Bush, I don't want them tracking my fucking phone calls.


Rove is just trying to flush out the Democrats for the '06 elections.

I think it will work.


mmmmkay...lets keep bringing up the white trash loser that has not been in office for more than half a decade.


You just figured out JeffR was an idiot?


Why not? It's been going on the whole time, why stop now?


No, I knew this already. He decided to start crap with me, so I just restated it for the record.