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NROL Question

I began my 4th week of NROL, Hypertrophy I. I did lower body today. When I did Break-in B, I was able to squat 155/145 2x15, however I had trouble with 155/155/145/135 4x10. I woke up at 11:30 AM, but didn’t eat til 1:15 PM because of class.

Also, I was very tired after the first superset(4x10 squats and deadlift shrugs), so I had difficulty completing my workout with only 60 seconds rest between exercises.

I missed the last set for each workout in the following section(bulgarian split squats + step-ups) and I didn’t do any reverse crunches due to exhaustion.

What should I do? Lower reps, lower sets?

Or lower the load enough to hit the parameters :slight_smile: