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NRA, Gunsite, or Thunder Mountain?


Anyone ever done one of their courses? The NRA locals are cheaper but I believe that you get what you pay for.


Here's the one I'm considering ^^^^


I've fired all kinds of big machine guns and rocket launchers and thrown grenades but not being an officer and a Canadian I've never handled a pistol.
One time I was in Minnesota and stopped by a gun shop and I saw a Desert Eagle and I asked the clerk if I could hold it..he said customers weren't allowed to hold it if they didn't have a permit or whatever. Then I said "Aw c'mon ..I'm a Canadian!" (meaning have pity on me because I like guns) so he chuckled and let me hold it.


I haven't been to any of them but I suggest going to a gun website such as:

lightfighter.net (training section)


and doing a search because many people on those sites attend various classes and will post up after action reports.

What is it specifically are you wanting to experience? Basic handgun instruction, tactical handgun instruction, ccw handgun instruction?


Any local gun store owner will no doubt have intimate knowledge of all things 'gun training' related in your area. Typically they all work with law enf agencies in one capacity or another and if not they're still in the loop.


Good point. I want to make sure that an instructor is highly qualified for pistol and esp shotgun home defense, which is why I checked those sites. They appear to be pretty prominent.

What certs should I look for with anyone a gun store owner recommends?


I don't anyone that has any gun 'certification' beyond:

  • Basic firearm training
  • Open carry permit
  • Concealed carry permit
  • Hunting license
  • Class III registration (full automatic, grenades, explosives)
  • Teacher certification (ie certified to teach)

Is there something in particular you're looking for? I don't know anyone (civilian) who ever went for anything like a military-like certification (pistol, rifle, etc.)


I've always wanted to take a course from Blackwater on either pistol or rifle shooting (not sure if I can do the pistol course at the age of 19, Illinois law is 21 to own a handgun), there's a Blackwater training location ten miles from where I grew up, and I only figured that out two years ago.