NPT and T-boost

I am 60 years old and switched to a new physician in February '14. When he came into the exam room to speak to me for the first time, looking over my file, he said ‘How long have you been obese?’ This floored me and after that visit I resolved to solve my problem. Now, 50 pounds lighter and running 10 miles per week, I have leaned out significantly. As I lost weight, I noticed that my equipment seemed to be getting, shall we say, more prominent? The loss of fat was accentuating it, but more importantly, I started getting something I had literally forgotten was a male-exclusive phenomena. Now, almost like an alarm clock, it wakes me at 5:30 AM almost every morning and is raging. Yes, NPT is happening again.

My understanding, and I seek confirmation, is that this is 1) the bodies way of exercising a mans hydraulics and 2) an indicator of T-levels, which apparently peak in the morning. They say 60 is the new 50, but I am starting to think 60 is the new 20.

Its not that T peaks in the AM. Its the state of the brain.

Want to know more? Read the advice for new guy’s sticky. Also note the first paragraph. Your thyroid function is very important and make sure that you are using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine.

Lab work would not hurt. You can get that done on your own if needed in most US States.