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NPR Story on Kids Lifting Weights


I’ve always maintained that kids would benefit from resistence training, not just calisthenics. I started lifing at 14 and wished I had started earlier–with proper guidance (there really wasn’t any back in the 1970’s when I would have needed it). Charles Atlas and Jack Lalanne were about it and you could only visit Gold’s Gym if you lived in Southern California.

“if you lose the fun,you lose the kids”…Amen.

my psyche teacher always talked about what she heard on NPR right before class.

anyway, i remember getting this info a long time ago in an ACSM seminar as counter proof that the whole ‘lifting weights stunts growth’ argument is nothing more than an old wives’ tale.

i also stopped reading after ‘muscle bound men and women with 40, 50 even 100’s of pounds on the barbell’

40 pound barbells

where is your god now?

“Forget the image of the muscle-bound man or woman straining and sweating under a metal barbell with 40, 50 or even hundreds of pounds of weight.”

Oh come on…