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NPR: 'All White Operation'


... says Juan Williams (former NPR analyst)

"For them, I think the fact that I was a journalist who was not being pigeonholed as just a black journalist, but something larger and sometimes even conservative in a point of view, made them have great difficulty with me," former NPR analyst Juan Williams tells the Huffington Post.




Video: NPR leaders knew of possible $5M gift

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A follow-up video from conservative activists targeting NPR shows that its former CEO and its top lawyer were aware of a potential $5 million contribution from a phony Muslim group.

NPR has said the group did not meet its standards for potential donors and that it never came close to accepting the donation.

The video includes recorded phone conversations between NPR executive Betsy Liley and an activist posing as a wealthy donor from a nonprofit with ties to the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. They discuss the logistics of such a donation and the circumstances under which the gift could be kept anonymous.


After another bad public-relations moment (following the Juan Williams controversy last fall) in the midst of a federal-funding battle, NPR's board has ousted CEO Vivian Schiller, according to NPR's own media reporter. The move follows on the release of an embarassing, unfelicitously-timed sting video in which NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller (no relation) met with members of a fictitious Muslim advocacy group and was recorded saying that the Republican Party had been hijacked by a "racist" Tea Party.

David Folkenflik of NPRâ??who has done an outstanding, evenhanded job of covering his own network's controversies, even in the eyes of conservative critic Andrew Breitbartâ??this morning broke the news on Twitter that Schiller resigned at the behest of the NPR News board.

Read more: http://tunedin.blogs.time.com/2011/03/09/video-takes-down-the-radio-exec-npr-ceo-steps-down-after-sting/#ixzz1GFHMEQbw

Just kill it already (well, the Fed funding portion)


FUCKING LIBERALS :slight_smile:




When he said that shit about the tea party he specifically said it was a personal view and not an NPR view.

That said, it didn't look good. Especially because even a cursory background check, like the one PBS performed that prevented them wasting their time and credibility, would have told him that this was a scam.

Not that I disagree with anything he said.

NPR is at least consistent with a level of self-scrutiny and accountability.




I'm not upset by his comments at all. I think that he is entitled to his opinion and he can say what he wants, when he wants. I disagree with him, but free speech is sacrosanct. Having said that, I don't want to pay for them to be able to say anything they want. Their "free speech" doesn't really seem "free" to me, considering that I'm paying for that crap. Could you imagine the outrage if tax dollars were used to subsidize a right leaning radio station?

No liberal radio station has been able to survive on its own because nobody wants to listen to that bullshit. However, they are free to say whatever they want (the operative word here being FREE!!).

The tea party was accused of triggering the AZ shooting, though nothing I've seen out of the tea party is even close to being as vile as the crap spewed by the union supporters up in Wisconsin, which included signs of Gov. Walker in the crosshairs of a gun's scope as well as "wanted: Dead or Alive" signs with the word "Alive" crossed out. Walker and senate republicans are getting death threats left and right, even though what they were asking for wasn't all that radical (private sector workers will still contribute twice as much for health insurance and retirement benefit).

I, for one, am sick and tired of being called a racist because I want to balance the budget and think its a bad thing that we're 14 trillion in debt. Did you know that in the month of Febuary alone we had over 230 billion dollars of deficit spending (and that's in a short month) while in the last full year of the Bush presidency our deficit was 161 billion dollars FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!



Oh, I just think it's hilarious that the whitest radio broadcast in the country (I've never met a black person that listens to NPR, only the lilly whitest of white) would have a representative spout off about how racist the tea party movement is.


Wait just a darn second.

So, you're telling me that ONLY white people listen to NPR? In fact, only the whitest of white? Like newly fallen snow?

It's official, sounds like it meets all the criteria for a Klan rally.






ding... token!

ding... token!