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NPP vs Deconate

I have to vials of NPP and planning on eventually running a cycle of this with Test C. Since NPP is a shorter esther and I want to pin 200mg/wk (along side 300mg/wk Test C) should I do 100mg NPP E3D?

I am also assuming if using Deconate that I would only need to pin 200mg EW?

Should be EOD minimum. You can always pin your Test EOD in the same syringe as well.

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So roughly 3 times a week. Might make sense to up the Deca to an easier to administer amount then. Maybe 225 or 300. Don’t want to go to crazy as this is my second cycle. 225 would give 75mg/deca and 100 mg test c EOD

I’m in the extreme minority (so far there’s only one of us) who says that NPP doesn’t need to be pinned as frequently. Part of that is based on real world data, limited it might be, on how the phenylpropionate ester releases IRL and not just on paper. You could go e3d and it would fit neatly within the parameters of previous clinical administrations. But the best choice is what @mnben87 said, which is eod. Just take 50mg eod, it works out to 175/w. That’s close enough to your 200 plan and if you like what it’s doing you can bump it up a little bit.


Yea trying to measure 83.33 in a syringe isn’t that easy.

IME, pinning ED is the best for NPP, but there are some people that get away with 3x/wk or even E3D. But for me, pinning frequency in general needs to be high to mitigate as many sides as possible.

Maybe I am more susceptible to sides, maybe I am more in tune with sides, I’m not really sure. But I do know that I do not deal with many of the sides most people speak of, outside of mood issues.

Most of the NPP I have seen is 100 mg/mL. If that is the concentration you have, then maybe pin 55-60 mL/day, at an EOD frequency, which will put you between 192.5 to 210 mg/wk. I use slin pins with 1/100 mL increments. So at that concentration, I can measure in 1 mg increments.

So, I may be a little confused here, but you are doing Deca currently and you are asking for future reference about NPP? @mnben87 said NPP EOD, but then you said Deca in your response. It is my understanding, and I am a rookie to this game, but Deca you can do 2x per week with your Test C. Pinning Deca EOD along with your test c is unnecessary. NPP on the other (if this is what you are using), then yes EOD may be your best course.

If I misunderstood, sorry. Just am trying to make sure there wasn’t any confusion as this a semi advanced cycle for your 2nd go of it.

Sorry I meant NPP not Deca. Had a brain fart. Here is my goal. I am coming off a blast 400mg @ 8 weeks (first time). I am planning to cut off cycle until end of September mid October, then blast again for 8-10 weeks and eat a maintenance to try and recomp a bit. I’ve read nandrolone is a good compound for this, but if its semi advanced, I also have some Anavar which I could run instead, which may be an easier option for my goals. I currently run TRT @ 180mg/wk Test C and could probably just stack the Anavar (20mg/ED) on that and save the NPP for a later cycle? I know the cycle would have to be short maybe 6-8 weeks instead of 8-10. Any suggestions from you guys as to what you think would be my better option would be awesome.

My advise would be, if you are going to continue to blast and cruise, get the most out of TEST alone that you can before moving to another injectable. This gives you time to know yourself and fully understand how you will react after more than just once. You can always throw in some Var to ice the cake at the end of a cycle.

The Nandrolone “family” have extremely serious side effects and I would advise not a little, but a lot of research before considering if you want to do that. To bump it again, try to continue to blast with Test and maybe some oral for as long as you can before moving on. Minor joint pain relief sounds good, but a soft dick for 18 months may not be so nice.

@mnben87 @iron_yuppie @wsmwannabe could probably advise you better or give you some MUCH less harsh alternatives.


Appreciate it. Everytime I have questions I go to Llewelyns Anabolics and it’s pretty straight forward, but you guys always have good info, thats why I signed up here.

I have to agree with @whosakin about holding off on nandrolone. Some people respond fine to it while others not so much.

It really depends more on your goals. What do you intend to accomplish with running nandrolone? Just recomp? There are other, safer drugs for that, it may take a little longer, but neuro and cardio health should not be trifled with for no reason.

I will say that if you do your research and feel well read about the short and long term effects of nandrolone, and you still choose to do it, then I support it. But too many guys just do it because they heard all of the good without being aware of any of the bad.

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I bought some cheap along with some anavar. I guess for a second cycle I’ll run the var on top of my 180mg/w Test Cyp. Just talked to my TRT doc about him prescribing Anavar and he seems on board, so maybe I’ll wait for the pharma grade to come in.

Straight forward facts and possibilities are one thing. Because you only equate it to a possibility without connecting to yourself. Read the horror story with the title: “Help. 27 y/o. No libido. Erectile disfunction.” Then that will make you think long and hard, and attach the possibility of yourself in that situation. Then you can decide if you feel if it is worth it. At least this is what I do.

What are your stats? height/weight/BF%?

Height is 6’ 1" weight is about 285-290. I haven’t really done body fat in years because I have been doing more strongman/powerlifting. Currently in the process of trying to cut back. The problem is I don’t want to lose all the mass I’ve built over the years. I’m active and my health is good accept for a Thyroid probelm which is under control.

Also I’m 37 in 2 months. Would like to get my ass down to 230 and re evaluate.

good to hear, we need more strongmen on here. I’m guessing at that weight, you have a lot of adipose tissue, otherwise you’re a brick shit house. Changes in diet will be your best bet… and sleep. I cannot overstress how important sleep is, not just for recovery, but also body composition. Simply increasing your protein intake could also change body composition, without changing anything else. 1g/lb protein should do the trick if you aren’t already.

At that weight (actually at a high BF%), it is highly unlikely you’re going to be burning muscle through dieting. And you’ll also be faster if you can lose weight, which is important in strongman depending on the event. Strongmen are getting much leaner these days…


As someone who was very afraid of losing mass and strength, it was well worth it (or at least it was for me). I wish I just wouldn’t have worried about losing gains. They come back much faster than when you initially built them.

I’ve also gained some strength on deadlift, but lost some on bench. I don’t really care. I look more muscular with less muscle and less fat.


I’m actually moving away from strongman/power-lifting because of some joint issues (also part of the reason I was considering nandrolone) and moving more into bodybuilding/conditioning as I don’t want to be crippled when I’m 60. lol

Doesn’t even have to be that you lost muscle except when you did DXA or similar to check. The loss of fat mass alone will put a dent in your bench.

I think this has been discussed numerous times on this site and powerlifting sites. I also think you are aware of that, which makes me think you really checked if you lost actual muscle mass.