NPP vs Deca

I’ve been reading around and it was really interesting for me to find out that NPP and Deca have slightly different results. If ester length is the only difference between the two, how is it that NPP is said to be milder and with less water retention etc?

It is clearly not the case with testosterone as the ester is detached by the esterase enzyme when the compound is dissolved in the blood and it is the testosterone that does what it does.

Based on that, there shouldn’t be a difference between the two nandrolones based on the length of the ester attached to it. Conversion to estrogen, receptor affinity, etc should all stay the same.

I’ve read that the mass difference of the active compound due to different ester lengths isn’t enough to be accountable for the difference in results.

Does anybody know exactly how the different esters produce slightly different results from the same compound?

im not sure how npp can be milder but it armatizes less becuse of the length of the ester just like t prop vs test e. atleast i would assume. the ester is shorter so the compound is in ur system for shorter allowing less time for more of the compound to aromatize.

Well the compound that leaves your system later will also build up peak blood levels later so shouldn’t that cancel out? Based on ester length, the injection frequency changes which means rather similar blood levels and should yield exactly similar results. At least when both are fully kicked in.
And I was also under the impression that test p and e didn’t aromatase at different rates.
Of course in real life things are a bit different than what’s on paper.

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Basically my question is why do npp and deca have different effects, when the only thing different between the two is ester length (phenylpropinate vs decanoate); and theoretically, ester length shouldn’t make a difference in the effects of a compound (nandrolone in this case)