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NPP vs Deca, Difference?

Might be a stupid question, hopefully it’s not. What are the differences between NPP and deca?

The ester. That’s it. Some claim NPP causes less water retention, but I’m unsure how much I believe it.

Not sure To run deca or nnp for next cycle. Not ran either before so open to both.
If nnp does cause less water retention it seems to be the better choice?

It’s actually NPP and you’re better off running the shorter ester if you’ve never used nandrolone before.


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Count me in the camp who is dubious on the water retention angle. I noticed no difference in water retention on NPP or Deca-it was equally bad, lol. Deca is much cheaper, as it par for the course with short vs. long esters.

Thanks for replies guys

I’m with you ! I’m a female bodybuilder .
I am relatively new to this side of things although I must say my weight has been going up since on NPP I’m on a slight calorie deficit as well so don’t know what to believe at this point

I’ve been told by some juicers I know that deca in practice is much stronger than npp. I know its sounds like bullshit, but those guys knew what they are talking about and gave me some good pointers in other areas. Ive only used NPP and can’t compare them. I guess its possible that when deca builds up in blood in long period it may feel stronger.