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NPP/Tren/Winstrol/Var Cycle?

I was poking around the webs, and found a guy advocating this cycle: NPP (EOD), Tren (EOD), Winstrol (ED), and optional Anavar (ED). He didn’t mention dosages, but claims to have used this repeatedly with different athletes/clients to great effect. Mostly short cycles (2-4 weeks IIRC), for longer term gradual muscle gain as opposed to 20-30 pound bulking in longer cycles.

Supposedly this mimics the Euro school of thought, where they gain more quality mass slow and steady instead of builking and losing, bulking and losing. He claims they avoid Test on most cycles, staying instead with higher androgens with lower aromatisation in order to keep a more aesthetic physique year round rather than being big and smooth while on cycle from water retention.

Anyways, my question was in regards to NPP and Tren together. From what I have read, both cause a decent amount of progestin/progesterone, leading to prolactin build up. Wouldn’t both of them together in the same cycle amplify those sides?

I’ve been researching a future cycle, and am looking at short cycles repeated several times for longer, steadier gains. Various things are leading me in that direction, mostly being able to gain slow and steady instead of gaining a bunch at once and being noticed. I am looking at something like the above cycle, in order to gain good quality muscle and strength while staying lean and hard.