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NPP - Therapeutic Dosage Inquiry



I have a few questions about NPP that hopefully the vets can answer.


Does anyone have experience running NPP at a low dose (200mg or less) per week for the joint relief. If so what is your protocol and what are you specifically trying to combat (overuse / preventative / arthritis)?


I am at the end of my first cycle, 10th week of 600mg test-e. The test was well tolerated, almost all of the sides were positive. I am relatively young (35) but my joints are trashed, it is genetic (osteoporosis). From week three on my muscles could not be fatigued and I really pushed myself to get the most out of the cycle, I am not injured but my body doesn’t feel great and I was considering cruising on 200mg of test per week for the next 4 weeks and adding 100/200 mg of NPP then transitioning into PCT. I am not here looking for someone to confirm that this is a good idea, I am hoping for a rebuttal and an education.

  1. What is the probability that NPP at a low dose will cause prolactin issues? Should I keep caber at the ready or dose it EOD along with the NPP?

  2. I have heard the Deca/NPP joint relief characterized as “Lubrication” but I could not find a specific credible scientific explanation for the effect. Is it due to anti-inflammation or increased collagen synthesis or something else?

  3. My PCT is going to be Nolva @ 20mg for 8 weeks, I am aware that I do not want to start the nolva until 100% of the NPP is gone but is there any reason for me to change my planned PCT protocol based on extending to 14 weeks and adding the NPP.

Thank you for any information you can provide,


I am not an expert but you should definitely have some caber at hand just to be safe. With 200 mg of test and 100mg of NPP your libido will probably be ok. That being said it did nothing for my joints but some people said it helped them.


As Krat said, defo have Caber on hand… Deca in any form can cause prolactin issues.

I believe Deca slightly increases synovial fluid production/secretion.

It is best to strop Tren/Deca before test on cycle but seeing as your Deca is in fast acting NPP form and your test is in the long enanthate form this should be all good for you anyway.

As far as Deca being good for joints, I have Psoriatic Arthritis and I did run Deca D a while ago at 250mg per week, from what I recal it did seem to help slightly but it could also have been many other variables and councidence.

My advice is just to try it out! You have obviously done some research and have your PCT ready. Get Caber at the ready, you could use it from the get go @ 0.25mg 2x per week with a max dose if you get the deca dick at 0.5mg 2x per week.

Did yoy use an AI and HCG during your cycle and still using them? I always ask if it isnt mentioned.


Yeah, Adex .66 EOD. I didn’t use HCG, I didn’t atrophy even though I was completely shut down at week 4 bloods.

Every semi-legit article on NPP jumps to the same ridiculous conclusions based on one tiny study that saw some improvement on 50mg every 3 weeks, but self-assed joint relief coefficients don’t exactly blow my skirt up with credibility even in a clinical setting.

I have caber so I am going to do the 200/100 thing for 4 weeks and if I feel any significant relief I will report it along with some more specific information about myself in the hopes it helps someone else. Let’s just hope I can be objective.


Yeh, all you can do is try it out!

I would start using HCG unless you plan to stay on/trt for life… Dont be fooled by your balls feeling ok.


i’d run some sort of dopamine agonist along with the NPP, even at a low dosage. plenty of guys here have had sexual side effects for months after nandrolone…

as far as joint benefits, i’m not sure that NPP is quite as effective as deca. however, 100-200 mg a week has been widely reported as being effective for joint relief.

i read an article a while back that explained that nandrolone works on the joints, due to the fact that progesteronoe is anti-inflammatory to collagen. but it doesn’t really “heal” the joint… just provides temporary relief.


I think he would fine with that low of dose with no hcg… my personal opinion


U bumped a 2 year old thread, with regards to NPP and therapeutic doses, I have no idea. I’m currently using 116mg/wk as a blast on top of my trt, I also find it helps joint pain, and I recently wiped out going to gym, injuring myself, injury was slightly worse than I had anticipated, many exercises involving ulnar flexion are out atm :(.