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NPP / Sust Cycle, Gyno Issues

Hey guys this is my 4th cycle, thought I get my feet wet with a nandrolone. Choose the fast one in case I need to hop off. I’m on trt 200 mgs and recently blasted off to 450 npp and 500 test wk , I use 1mg arimidex on my injection days and have started to use .5 in between. I’ve noticed my left nip is a lil swollen like last cycle , there is a lump just above the nipple , it’s pea sized, it dies it bother me until I mess with it but I know it’s swelling slowly , I’m 3 wks In need a little advice perhaps
I have caber on hand
I have arimidex I will up this to 1 mg Ed
I have nolvadex but I read that’s no good for this kind of cycle

My wood is good
So I don’t feel it’s prolactin induced gyno

I can hop off , Esther should clear in a couple days and I can drop to my trt dose and start nolva for a couple weeks until it goes away again

Or I can up my arimidex 1 mg Ed and see if that helps
If it does cool
If it does not then letro is my only other option

My question is does anyone have experience on this kind of issue ? if so is letro ok to run daily ? If so how much? How does running letro effect gains?

Reason I asked is I had to run nolva the whole 14 wks on 1000 test 500 mast cycle after my 4 week (anavar) D-Bol providing me with my first left swelled nipple and my induction to gyno related issues.

Appreciate any advice

Ok well guess nobody has any experience with this kind of cycle and related issues , thanks anyways fellas

i am on sustanon only cycle (500mg per week) and using eod arimidex 0.25mg since the first injection

adjusting the dosage with how you feel is the best according to my experience

for reversing the gyno nolvadex is suggested. i also have read that letro is the best. but you may try arimidex first and see how your gyno do since it is only in the beginning phase

Thanks for your feed back , for npp nolvadex is not recommend so I’ve dropped my npp to 350 was about 500 (150xeod) raised the arimidex to 1mg a day , monotoring , will use letro if dose adjustment proves unremarkable , then letro and caber will be added in , after this point if gyno progress is remarkable wil abort to trt of 200 mgs 1 mg arimidex wkly. That’s my plan anyway

Who told you this bullshit? Nolva is the best for gyno without the side effects. Letro works but can impact your libido.

Edit: If you’re going to run NPP, then add Masteron to help with npp sides

Thanks for your input, from all my anecdotal research there are more posts about not using nolvadex while on nadrolones , it has a tendency to act on PR upregulation. Trust me i used nolva twice on cycle
For gyno issues it works however I ran test mast, test eq anavar mast and still had gyno issues . Nandrolone are a bit different so the progesterone is what can become exasperated with nolva. Evidence suggests to use letro to kill everything estro related, then caber to block the pr receptors and then letro to keep it low as not to spike the Pr related gyno. Just wondering did you use deca or npp or tren and nolva at the same time for gyno issues while on cycle , if so what dose and what was your regimen etc

I’ve had gyno related sides twice. Once with Test/Dbol and most recently with NPP/Test. Our resident endo suggested that it was the NPP that as causing the gyno. I was running 40 mg nolva at the time and it kept it at bay and subided after I got off. I ran NPP for 12 weeks. It affected my erections pretty significantly. I ended up bumping my test up and relying on cialis to make up the difference.

Ahh ok I see , yeah bloodwork is best but if I do my labs now I will on trt suspension lol so I have to wing it. thanks for sharing

I’ve been wanting to try that. Whats it like?

Let me rephrase that , my dr will suspend my prescription for trt if my bloods are too far out of wack or I would do my labs, I could go outside for labs but that’s just as much as a cycle . So I will follow suit if the gyno does not go away or lesson or stop then I will hop off And use nolva and finish mybcycle with 500 test 500 mast I’ve bever had any problems until that anavar I had was actually dbol and started my gyno anyway thanks for your input man

Are you in the US? If so then order your own blood test and your DR will never see the results. Simple.

I am, Very true,I’ve done that before since I’m only theee weeks in I doubt I’m off the charts right now my body is estrogen sensitive now due to all the gear , I don’t think my body likes nandrolones or the fact that I’m estro sensitive . thanks

Ralox I believe can be used for gyno issues while on nandrolone. Look into it.

Update on issues
Lowered dose to wkly 350 npp
Lowered to wkly 375 sust
Added 2.5 mg letro Ed
Added caber .25 mg 2x wk
Arimidex 1 mg

I notice that I feel like absolute crap lol
With all that I’d better if it were real right
No increase in gyno swelling
No decrease in gyno swelling
No increase in pain unless I mess with it
But at times they feel strange

Waiting until weekend to determine if the npp will be removed and take a week before I introduce nolvadex and finish with test mast nolva arimi or just hop off to trt dose of 200 wk with a 4-6 wks of nolva to shrink the gyno( worked last run)

Any suggestions?

Your gonna regret this

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That’s a reality not a suggestio broski lol , I know cause my estro is gone lol death would likely seems better lol but soon I will back the letro down to 1.25 a day then eod and ramp back up on the npp and test and see if the gyno is corrected , if not there’s surgery , and if not I can play with em for life then lol

But if by Saturday things are still on the sour side I will dump and trt and nolvadex that’s plan c
Pray for me
Wish me luck

Valid point.

After reading your original post this gyno seems to be pre existing. So chances are it’s a flare up. I’m far from a gyno expert but logic would leave me to believe that nolva would prevent further gyno. Then we run into the issue of the theory of not using nolva while on nadrolone. I’m not sure how scientific that is iv seen some pretty convincing bro science that leads me to believe there is something there. Soooo your left with adex or aromasin to control E2 and you have ralox and letro both of which I believe are used for stopping/reversing recent gyno issues. Altho my understanding is dosing of these drugs is tricky and you def need to start small and monitor with blood test.

Now as far as suggestions go your crashing your E2 and you are aware of that so your not ignorant to what your doing right now. But I’m fairly certain bottoming your estrogen only to go back to blasting drugs is gonna leave you miserable. Look into dropping the adex slow down on the letro get bloods drawn every couple weeks to assess the situation. Either that or make things a bit easier and drop the nand. Atleast then you don’t have to worry about the possibility of progesterone playing a roll in all this.

I’m not religious but for you I’ll say a quick one tonight!

Yessir appreciate your input , and it is of value to me bro , yeah I’d say your logic is right on ramping back up the drugs to combat it with other drugs is not the answer I get it. Yea I may just do test mast nolva cycles lol I’m trt but nadrolones seem tricky for me and my genetic make up , but I can blast 1g of test and 20 mg nolva and do that for 16 wks no gyno lol I’ve done it lol

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Making actual suggestions seems ineffective, so why should anyone bother?

I think this will work. Worked for me.

I used letro in the past when I had noticeable lumps but it killed my libido, which its known for.