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NPP PIP Problem

Hello there ok sooo my npp gives me pip but its like soreness without redness or fever is anyone here with the same problem cause i dont want to think my gear is crap

Which site/s are you injecting?

How experienced are you with injecting steroids?

What size needle are you using?

I haven’t heard of npp specifically causing PIP, it might also be the oil, or a solvent.

Most general questions involving PIP can be found by doing a search on the mainpage.

25g needle delt and im like half a year on steroids but i think its just cause of the ml i inject 1ml

I have injected up to 2.5ml into delts and got no PIP.
No matter which site you inject you can still get some PIP, a little bruising occasionally. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.In the attempt to avoid PIP I usually inject quite slowly, just a little bit at a time, wait for it to feel like its absorbing, then do a bit more, wait, then repeat until the injection is complete.

There is PIP that feels like a minor bruise, and then there is PIP that is debilitating. If its of the first kind it doesn’t bother me.