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NPP for Last 5 Weeks of Test Cycle

Hey im on my first cycle 500mg test e a week. Im on week 7 and my lower back pain is hurting .
My stats when started:



13%bf ?

What do you think if i switch 400mg of test e and 250mg of NPP for last 5 weeks. Do i even get prolactin issiues with that low dose? and is it gona giveme good results and heal my pain at least to the end of the cycle ? Great strenght gains and muscle gains so far.

i use arimidex 0,5mg eod also. i would keep it the same if i switch. what do you think?

Since it’s your first cycle, I would probably finish your first 12 weeks with just test and then do a pct. Deca isn’t going to miraculously heal your back - all it does is make your body retain fluid around the joints and that’s usually why the pain can lessen taking it. It doesn’t fix or actually solve anything.
Go find out what your back problem is properly and get it treated - may be something that can just be fixed by a Physiotherapist, chiro, or Massage Therapist.
You say you’ve made great gains so far (i don’t know why you would gain any fat from a first test cycle to be honest if your diet is on point…if anything you should lose fat and quite a bit of it)…the 10lbs gain is likely water, some muscle, and fat.
Stick with the test for this cycle and make sure the other factors (diet, training, and injury) are on point. Get some blood labs to see how this first cycle impacted you and then you can consider other compounds for future.

Allright . Its probably best to stick with one. And im probably gona do it.

As far as fat gain. Mabey you did not read correctly but i have put on 10kg/22 pounds so far not 10 pounds. Some of it must be fat. But i look almost as lean as started.

I have been on doctor three times. Nothing they say
My point was that it makes me feel better and then i could go throught cycle. thanks for opinion. I appreciate that.