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NPP - Experiences?


I'm planning on running 400mgs a week of Npp for 6 weeks at the end of my Sustanon cycle which is 750mgs of Sust a week for 14 weeks. I jumpstarted the first 4 weeks with 40mgs a day of Dbol also. I ran Npp through the search function and came up with nothing. Has anyone here used this.and if so,what was your experience?


No experience, but have been interested in hearing about its use. I also have searched around the net and couldn't find much feedback on it. Let us know your results when you run it please.


I will. I'll start it in about 2 weeks.


I wouldnt recommend you run it at the end of a cycle - seeing as it IS further inhibitive to the HPTA, due to increasing prolactin levels. However the ester should be a benefit to all that.

Plenty of experience with Nandrolone, not that ester however - so i too will be interested to see how you find it.

In particular i will be interested in; if you suffer any negative sexual sides, and if you do suffer changes in erection strength or loss/increase of dsesire, then how long it takes to return/normalise, if you use caber/dopamine agonist or any other ED meds (Tadalafil etc.), if you have suffered any sexual sides positive or negative in the past and what drugs caused them and if you have the experience of the decanoate ester of nandrolone to compare it to.



NPP is Nandrolone Phynylpropionate. I have not used it, but it is nandrolone. So many of the same effects of deca should be noticed. The only difference is the ester which does not change the drug, just the half life.

I would guess you would notice similar effects to those on Nandrolone Decanoate...only difference being NPP will require more frequent shots and have a faster clearance time.

Think along the lines of Tren Acetate .vs. Tren Enanthate....you have NPP .vs. Nandro Decanoate.

my .02


HPTA inhibition isn't a concern for me since I'm on TRT. I run 150mgs of test a week,and usually run 2-3 full cycles a year. I will be using caber for the prolactin issues. I thought about trying some prami after doing some research on it,but caber has always worked well for me in the past. I'll post my experiences with the Npp in a month or so. Thanks for the replies!


Inhibition may not be but Prolactin is also a libido reducer for other reasons than inhibition, so yeah - stay with the caber.



I have experience with nandrolone deconate not sure if it will relate to npp very much so I am not sure if I can help at all.
if you would like me to chime in on that ester just say so I will be happy to.
if not I will mind my own business lol


I've ran Deca a few times also. No matter what my diet though,it always bloated me. Strength and gains were great though. Did it bloat you? I've heard from some friends on another board that Npp has all the benifits of Deca with less sides. We'll see!


Well, i think it is pretty safe to say that the differences between Test Cyp and Test prop are going to be the same differences between Nandrolone Decanoate and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. That is to say, very little(!) other than speed of action and ability to recover/PCT faster.
Also bear in mind the ester weight.. I find Deca over 350mg/wk to be harsh in libido reduction. But less is more in that regard. With Caber it should not be an issue.

I would also expect that due to the more frequent injections, thus more stable levels - there would be a little less water retention.. however Nandrolone is usually run alongside test and therefore an AI - so is often a non-issue (again).




I had to play around with doses.
Did it bloat me? yes to a degree, I could feel stiff mainly in my hands and wrists.
my "sweet spot" was 200 a week alongside 500-750 test.
I went up to 400 a week Nandro and it did cause some libido issues and kind of started to mess with my head.

started having issues of self doubt and minor depression almost like during pct.
To be totaly honest it seems as though the gains I got from nandro were not that dramatic actually borderline minor,possibly due to the dose I had to take in order to not feel like crap.
if I had caber I would experiment with higher doses but I also had taken deca years ago and with a failed pct plan I was shut down for months after and I didnt want to repeat that scene again.

I did maintain weight in a calorie deficit,body recomp which is my goal now adays was as to be expected.
the thing I liked was the affect it had on my joints.
I am quite heavy and running most times is enjoyable but my reward for running at times is a few 5mg vicoden.along with a really warm salt water bath,not always but sometimes.
while on the Deca I had less issues with my ankles and hips than I do while off.

also I liked the fact I could go hit my heavy bag again without my bum wrist nagging me.a nice thing being that I love to hit things as much as i love getting hit.
that was really my best experience with it kept me nice and limber. I just recently come of and it has not cleared yet so I suppose I will let you guys know the results on weight and such after it clears and I am "dried out" a bit.

It was in the past a good bulker,not alot of agression nor huge strength gains but in me I blew me up like few compounds could.
while dieting it kept me where I should be weight wise while allowing me to do more intense stuff.
not hugely dramatic but noticeable still.
bad thing is I am currently on a lowered dose of test and I am feeling ran down, I have been told by some very knowledgeable good friends of mine that deca is one the few things that will mess with their head.
looks like I am part of that group as well.
just a feeling of poor well being,no energy,
best I can describe is that it feels like i have a touch of the flu or maybe a cold without being sick.
again I will know more once the drug clears and I can rule out anything else causing these feelings.
thats my personal take on nandrolone,

one thing I forgot to mention was the effect it had on my red blood cell production.
it would cause my hemoglobin to read really high and with that caused some blood pressure issues and some eyesight issues(blurring quite minor but still enoiugh to note)a problem that was solved by donating whole blood.


Great post :wink:



Thanks for chronicling your experiences with Deca. Nothing like a thorough rundown of the positives and negatives you felt.


Awesome post Maddyd,thanks!




wondering if it increased your vascularity since it effected your rbc's?


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Any opinions on running NPP at around 200mg/week (on top of test, of course) for 6 weeks? Is that long enough to see some benefits from this compound?


IME it is long enough to see results from Deca - so yes.


I would think so. You can further tip the scales in your favour by frontloading. Brook frontloads short esters and claims it speeds up the time to full potency considerably even for short esters.