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NPP Dosages For Gaining Twenty Pounds

Guys the response is individual. Are you 140lb on a large frame with lots of mass to fill? Sure… maybe. Are you already at your genetic limit looming to push past? Not likely. Gains are very individual.


Okay ya I’m at 188lbs 6’1” 31 years old around 10% body fat but not sure. I have very little fat. I have been on the test for 2 1/2 months and decided to throw in the NPP to finish off the last three months. This is a longer cycle. Never done AAS just test before. So this experience is very new to me. Been on the NPP for one week now and haven’t seen anything yet. How long did it take for you?

I’ve never used NPP just Deca. I would imagine you should start ramping up soon. Give it 2-3 weeks.

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i am interested to hear from someone who has used the NPP at this dosage. How long till you noticed anything. I know i should just be patient but i still want to know what to look foward to.

Day 7 I thought I saw something changing in the mirror, by day 10 i was sure. It works fast.

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Ya I’m at day 6 so i guess next week then.

Still really havent seen much of a change yet but i would assume this takes a little bit of time to fully kick in?

It shouldn’t take that long. I gained around 15lbs in around 8 days, I was coming from a very big caloric deficit however.


I’m on day 9 but the testosterone I have been on for three months. I know longer cycles are not advisable but this is a one time thing for me then in October I will start PCT. I guess I could be patient but how long was it till you REALLY saw gains. Like 8 days for me I’m probably not going to gain 15lbs but what about two months in?

By 2 months in, you should have gained everything you were going to gain off the NPP and should be coming off.


So it must work pretty fast would anyone recommend increasing the dosage this early in the cycle or should i wait till like week 4

No at 300mg you should have seen some gains, at least water weight. Most likely your gear is bunk. I only ran the NPP for 2 weeks just to see how I react and saw notable changes.


I am starting to notice a difference the pumps this morning were insane. It was like my shoulders had swolled up a bit after my workout. Very good to know its probably not bunk since it is from Humana. So I would hope that in four weeks I would really notice a difference. And I opted to take a risk and bump the dosage up to 150 eod instead of 100 eod.

I will be starting a blast with NPP in a few weeks time so it will be interesting to see how much I can gain if ive managed to gain this much in 10 days. It is going to be a short lean bulk cycle before taking more time off.


So far not a lot of gains in size but definitely seeing the strength gains my friend actually said to see full potential of nandrolone you have to wait a month in till it is really kicking

How short are we talking? I’ve considered NPP but I don’t like the idea of being on nandrolone for very long.

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im actually doing it for 10 weeks and so far no real hard side effects. I believe from all the research i have done NPP vs. Deca yes they are the same but i think deca sides are worse because of the length of the ester. I will continue to report but so far this drug is not like super crazy or anything. I mean i think next time i want something stronger. Like not Tren but maybe something stronger than NPP. But i could just be being impatient too. I mean it has only been two weeks. Everyone else says Im getting bigger. But i look in the mirror like three or four times a day so I dont see it.

Your not flexing hard enough.

Npp is only effective if you flex hard for 3-4 hours a day in a dimmlt lit room with a wall mirror


I will try that lol

4 weeks im thinking @iron_yuppie while I wait for primo and/or EQ to kick in.


Just a 4 week NPP run followed by a few weeks off and then repeated until its time to cut.


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