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Npp Cycle


starting an npp cycle, just adding it to my trt regamine which is 100mg t cyp per week

w1-8. Npp 400mg/week inj. Eod
w2-9 caber starting at .25mg twice a week, will dose accordingly

not sure how to dose adex,

on trt alone my estro stays around 25

also, thinking about upping the test but still not sure, kind of want to see how I respond to this first.

very simple cycle as you can see, any dosing suggestions on adex?


More test. 100mg/week isn't much. A lot of people like to run test higher than their nandrolone, although I wouldn't call this a requirement. More of a smart recommendation.


More test = more estrogen risk but 100mg/week is not not sufficient to sufficiently provide enough type II activity for you NPP dose. Adex may not be sufficient for deca as it is progestin based.


what is your reasoning for higher test? Any personal experience or just regergitated information?


Thanks for the reply, so as long as my test doesnt change I should only need to take caber correct?

P.s. 100Mg of test puts me where 200Mg puts most people it seems


How do you know 100mg of test puts you where 200mg of test puts most people? Lab results?

The reason you need higher test is NPP can completely shut you down quickly. Test will offset that.


Yes im on trt, so I have plenty labs, 100Mg puts me at 1100.

ive been on trt for a year now, just adding npp to it, so test levels will still be stable correct?

Im not understanding why test needs to be higher, a lot of people have great results with low test high tren, can the same concept not be used with npp?


test does not need to be higher


Doesn't NPP act a lot like deca just clears your system faster and is less harsh? If I run my deca higher than my test, it really fucks the functioning of the soldier.


NPP is nandrolone just like deca is.

prolactin affects everyone differently in terms of severity. but if he is running caber, he shouldn't have too much of an issue.


Got ya. Listen to Walkway OP. He knows his shit.


yes indeed he does, walkaway, would you recommend starting caber week two or should I start it asap and do you think .25 mg twice a week is sufficient to start on. ( 400mg npp a week)


i would start it with the first pin, and .25mg/week should be fine I would imagine.. have you run a 19 nor before?


I've always found I need atleast 250mg test/week to feel normal. If OP can get by with 100mg, then more power to him I guess. Just a personal thing.


do you mean while taking npp or just in general?


Both. I didn't like the way my sex drive felt at less than 250mg and NPP won't improve that. For some people, it will make it worse.

I've tried cruising between cycles at 150 and 200mg/week. Didn't really feel that much better than I would have if I went into PCT. 250 seemed to be the lowest comfortable level.


Hmm, yeah everyone different, but I know pharma grade definitely puts me higher for sure. Did you use anything for prolactin while running a 19nor? (npp specific)


Yes. I ran prami. It always fucks with my sleep, but I use at about .5mg/day with the occasional night off when I feel like I just need a normal night's sleep.

I haven't tried caber yet. Everyone seems to tolerate caber and prami differently and ends up developing a preference. From what I have heard, liquid Caber is unstable, so if you're going the research chem route, don't get liquid caber. Liquid prami is fine.


Silly question but im using some 250mg testo amps and in each amp theres 180mg of ACTUAL testo...How should i count it if i were to be on 500mg of test? I count the actual test or everything? Thanks


hey sorry, just noticed you wrote this, no I have no experience with a 19nor. I'm on my 3rd pin w/o any caber, no libido issues yet but I'm not gonna wait for it to happen, guess I'll see how .25mg caber a week works