NPP Cycle

Hi guys, I’m considering this.

1-10: NPP: 400mg /week
1-12: Test E: 150 - 250mg/week

HCG 500/wk during the 12 weeks. Clomd for pct.

The goal here is lean body mass and strenght, while avoiding water retention and too much androgenic sides. Npp comes at the first choice with tren, but don’t want to run this other one for so long again. Test is kept low to keep oestrogen levels down and replace normal test while contributing for some gains too. Bicycled 550 tren/150 test e per week, no tren dick or libido lack.

Choosed test E instead of test P because it’s exactly the same drug, but I have chosen a lower dose because of the accumulation of the long esters weeks after weeks. So I hesitate between running 150/week and maybe go up to 250 if it is too low.

It is sensed to be a safe, light cycle to gain quality muscle. NPP being a short estered injectable, without many oestrogen conversion and androgenic sides. Also will act and clean clearly, I think it’s the main problem with deca, which takes I think 4 to 6 weeks after last ijct to recover.

Have you ever run this kind of cycle? What are your opinion guys? Thanks for the advices !