NPP and Test Cyp Cycle

I’ve started my first cycle. I have npp 100, test cyp 250 and test cyp 300. I was just wondering on how I should take these. I’ve been doing 1 ml of cyp a week and 1 ml of n pp per week.but i believe I should be doing more of the npp. I was thinking about doing the npp. Eod. But I will run out of it faster an be only on test cyp. If this OK? Any info will help

First off what are your goals with this. Second how much do you have of each of these products and if its 10mls of each do you have access to more NPP? Third what does your PCT look like? The more info you give about yourself and your goals the more people will be able to help you.

My goals are to gain mass. I’m already done with 4 weeks of dbol. I have. 10mls of test cyp 250. 10 MLS of test cyp300 and 10mls of npp 100. I am almost out of npp I went to eod. Since ive went to eod some side effects have diminished. This is my first cycle an I had a big lack of planning.

Its fine to run just test and actually a good idea for your first cycle so no worries there. So with what you have left I would draw .5ml of both the 250 and 300 into 1 syringe and inject that on Mondays and Thursdays. This will put you at 550mg of test a week until its gone. I would start PCT 10 days after the last pin. Its a really good idea to go into this kind of thing with a plan and everything you need to carry it out as safely and successfully as possible.

I believe the test says 250mg per ml . So wouldn’t
.5 ml be 125 mg?

.5mls of both the 250 and 300. To make it easier you can just do 1ml of the 250 on Monday and Thursday till its gone then 1ml of the 300 on Mon and Thur till thats gone. My thought behind mixing the 2 was that you end up with a stable amount thru the rest of your run and the possibility that one of the products may be better than the other. Stable blood levels tend to cause less sides but if both products are legit its not going to make a big difference.

O. OK twice per week. An pct can be nolva only correct…?

Any of the three commonly used SERMs will do. Nolvadex being one of them

I also think you should stop this cycle now. You arent prepared.

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Well I was prepared. The Guy that instructed me was the one that messed it up. I later found out that the dosages that he told me were off. I am changing my dosages to what is more common.I would like to just finish this cycle anstart fresh . My strength gains are increasing greatly. So far I’ve only gained 10 lbs. Ian only 5th week.