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NPP & Anavar Experiences?

Hey guys
I’m a female in the bodybuilding industry.
I have started anavar on 30mg per day nearly 6 weeks ago (I have previously tried it couple of years ago and couldn’t really say I had massive gains but I know this is not what it’s suppose to do)
For the past I have bumped the anavar dose to 40mg per day .
I have also been on NPP injectable for the past 3 weeks on 0.3mls twice per week .

I got mixed reviews in regards to the water retention / weight gain so looking for reviews on your experiences ???

My training has been good and diet has been fine also in a very slight calorie deficit yet my scales went up 3kgs since starting NPP !!! <<<——-
Has this happened to anyone ? I thought if your in a deficit you would be cutting and the drug doesn’t cause water retention???
Any info would be appreciated thanks a lot guys in advance! :slight_smile:
Also could I get your opinion on injecting npp into the fat ???

Sooo, you’re a female on var @40mg/week for 6 weeks already plus NPP at 0.3ml, what mg is that? Bodybuilder or not, you’re in for some interesting physical and health changes, hope you know what you’ve got yourself into.


NPP is 100mg/ ml
And yes !
I haven’t been on 40mg of anavar for long ,
I’ll be tapering it back down to 20mg

You’ve said that you were on 30mg for 6 weeks plus 60mg npp. Also said you were relatively new to the game. Why are you surprised you’re picking up mass? You’re always going to pick up mass with var and npp, drop BF%, yes possibly, but weight up on the scale is a given. What is your goal here?

And 30/40mg var is a lot for a woman. I’m not sure what dose female bodybuilders take generally, but at anything above 10mg you’re going to start getting unwanted sides.

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Yes. To a lot of people. I’m with @mfezdro. You’re going to get a lot of unwanted sides if you continue this. There was a woman in here taking var at 10 mg/day and she was getting the results she wanted. If I was you, I’d reconsider adding NPP and lower the var. Then do the rest with diet and training.

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