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NPC Show, Met Victor Martinez

I attended a local NPC show in Brooklyn last Saturday, and along with Kai Green, Kim Klein and a few other ‘guests’, I got the opportunity to met Big Victor after his guest posing routine. I saw a lot of pics from the Olympia, and he lookeed amazing, but lemme tell you, in person, he’s one big Mofo.

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Big Vic trains people at a local gym near my house. His son goes to a rival catholic HS. This kid in my town gets trained by Vic himself. He’s getting ready for some local BB show.

It was pretty cool seeing the pic afterwards. I met my first pro BBer years ago at a small local shop, and I had only been training a short time. Looking at the old pic now I realize just how huge the dude was (Mike Francious) and how tiny I was. Seeing myself with Vic, well, he outweighs me by probably close to 100 lbs, but I don’t look too shabby,… except for my tan that is, he’s really got me there -lol


Your arms are big but Victor’s are unholy next to yours. Amazing. Thanks for posting.