NPC Pittsburgh 2009

Scroll down and check out all the guest posers. Holy shit thats alot of big names (guys).

Jay Cutler
Phil Heath
Victor Martinez
Dennis Wolf
Ronnie Coleman
Branch Warren
Kai Greene
Dexter Jackson
Toney Freeman

How the hell did someone land that many guest posers on the same night?? lol. Thats basically the 2009 Mr. O’s Top 10, excluding maybe Silvio and/or Melvin. That must’ve cost a few bucks to get these guys.

Anyway, check out the pics to see these guys right in the midsts of their offseason.

It’s Jim Manion’s show…he’s got just a bit of pull in the bb world.

I went to the event, it was great, I also talked with Dexter Jackson the day before when he lifted at Pitt’s facility. I was amazed at the low amount of volume he did (3 different exercises for shoulders) and still that he only hit each body part once a week. Also, what I found interesting was that during the offseason every night at 6 he has a free or “cheat meal”. So he said basically 6 oclock at every night he just eats whatever he wants, of course during the offseason hes not worried about staying lean.

When you’re the blade u can pretty much do anything you want, I once saw a video of him training and he was talking about eating lobster and shrimp for dinner just because hes the blade