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NPC Nationals with Cutler and Haag and Daz Icecream


I competed in NPC nationals in physique, almost 200 physique competitors overall.
over 1000 competitors. It was really interesting with prejudging friday and saturday the show.

Prejudging was at 7pm friday, didnt get out till almost 12. Looked flat and had plenty of water retention after 5 hrs of waiting or more back stage.

The Best part was when Jay Cutler walked into Haagan Daz icecream sunday night with some girl. My Girlfriend, friend and I were eating Ice cream, I was like hey whats up jay rememember me a few weeks ago at the western. Hes like this year? lol , I asked him what he was getting,
He told me he wasn't having any, I felt guilty.

Maybe more guilty that I was in physique instead of bodybuilding lol.

Great guy,


Jay is a large man. Pretty cool you running into him. But I must ask, is the guy in the glasses wearing a woman's shirt?



lol. indeed.



It might be made for someone who has a head the size of a boulder, so they don't stretch the shirt when putting it on...


^ Nah, I see that a lot lately. I've noticed that if you're lean, even without large pecs, you can get a bit of half bone/half muscle cleavage going up top on your chest, and so a lot of the younger, (small and lean) guys at my gym have adopted this fashion trend as well. I guess it's taking the V-Neck thing one step too far.



Oh yeah,.. very cool running into Jay -lol, almost forgot that part. Nice guy, I've chatted with him in the past (ran into him in a mall).



Ultimate man-cleavage?


Hahaha I was definitely being sarcastic Stu. Awesome response though.


It's the OP's girlfriend.


nice catch OP!


ya I dont know whats with his shirt, I just like the fact of Jay Cutler and I being in the Haagan Daz icecream almost midnight in south beach.


I know one guy that dresses like that.

he's gay.

so is anyone else wearing that kind of shirt...


I guess the whole point of why I posted this was how cool it was to see Jay cutler at Haagan Daz in the middle of the night at Nationals. Very random


^ Yeah but this is T-Nation... so the responses shouldn't be a surprise. Not that I agree with what has been said but it's the norm around here.


haha true


Yeah that is why the serious guys are not in this site. Here you just have guys that are trying to make a bodybuilding forum funny!!! that is sad but this is the new generation.

Instead of having guys that are making respect they laughs with the newbies.

the real question here should be: Hey how was Jay, what he says, etc...


Yeah I agree, just looking to have a convo about Jay and nationals, etc


This site is what you make of it. If you want to think like that, you're probably not going to get much out of it.