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NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix 2012

Anyone going? It’s gonna have a good roster of guest posers, as you can see. My uncle’s childhood friend of over 30 years will be competing. Psyched!

I’ll be there. No real interest in the guest posers (saw and met Vic there back in '07 or '08, can’t really remember), but I always enjoy prejudging. It’s ridiculous that they even call it prejudging, as it’s when the actual contest is decided (except for the overall which is done in the evening). Still, even if you don’t know any competitors, appreciatingt the sport (whether you compete or not yourself), it’s fun to watch the call outs and predict the placings.


I’d love to get a chance to see Vic in person, I won’t be able to make it because of work on Sunday though, blah. And I was off last weekend.

Weaseled my way backstage and met up with my uncle’s childhood friend of over 30 years and veteran NPC competitor of over 25 years.