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Hey has anyone tried this stuff and achieved results? I hear that this is the best Creatine on the market. Is this true? And also I hear that some creatines are bad for your body. Apprently Xyience NOX CG3 doesn’t dehydrate you as much as regular creatine, but I have no idea if there is any truth to this. Can anyone give answer my questions and give me some information on this new Creatine? Please and Thanks.

Your buying a load of BS. Creatine wont dehydrate you it actually forces more hydration into muscles you store MORE water. So you need to drink more and stay hydrated but you always should.

As for the best creatine. Get simple, high quality Monohydrate Creatine by creapure. Its cheap and very effective. all that other crap may be as effective but no more than the regualr stuff your paying for BS.

Biotest now has creapure creatine for a damn good price as well.