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Now what?

hi, this is my first time posting but ive being lurking for awhile now. First an introduction. I am an 18 year old student from the sun cancer capital of the world, Queensland, Australia. I have being wieght training for sports on and off for since i was 13 (typical huh) but recently became near obsessed with lifting.For the last 10 weeks i have being following the T-Dawg 2.0 diet and have made excellent progess. I have lost 30lbs, and am now floating around 10%bf.

On to the question. I know weigh 176lbs, and want to gain some serious mass and was wondering if i should just jump straight into a hypocaloric diet (like Massive Eating) or should i slowy up the calories each week until i get to the required amount.

Also i was reading an old Appetite For Construction, and JB (am i allowed to do that??) refers to some research that basically states the leaner you are the more muscle you will gain compared to fat on a hypocaloric diet. So should i continue dieting and get to 8% bf then start gaining to optimise this effect or just start now. Thanks in advance.

I think you’d be better off gradually increasing your calories over time than you would be if you just suddently jacked up your caloric intake. Ease off your diet, and every week increase carb intake and overall calorie intake until you reach your caloric goals.

As for the second question, I think you’re lean enough to start ‘bulking’. I mean you’ve already dropped 30 pounds. Your body is pretty primed for food now.

How have you been training throughout your diet?

to tell u the truth i havent being training very consistently/hard while on t-dawg (shows the importance of your diet over traing). But when i do train i have being trying to follow a 5x5 routine basically breaking up the body into upper/lowerbody. Mostly compound movements (deadlift and chins are the bomd!!).

Easing slowly back into it is by far the better option. Re-introduce carbs at an extra 50 or so every few days, and monitor your BF%. You should be up to where you want to be within a month or so.