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now what?

I just lost 12-15 pounds from cardio 5 days/week, lifting 1 day/week, and zigzagging my diet like so: two days 2000 or under, third day 3000 or more.

Worked fine. I had lots of energy. Weight came off. Strength affected mildly, but I got it back after a solid week of hard lifting.

Towards the end of my diet I felt I was understanding my body’s processes in a new way. I began to feel when I needed another snack to keep things burning. I would promptly feel slight hunger if I let three hours go by without nourishment. Previously, I was simply following the steps in a book. Now I was responding to my nutritional needs.

Because I still feel I have more fat to lose, I’m keeping my two days/2000 cal, third day/3000+ schedule. I lift six days a week (following Dr. Squat), do cardio once or twice, and am slowly getting fat again. My workouts are intense: a solid hour of running from station to station, dumbell to dumbell. My heart beats faster and I’m covered in more sweat than some of the days I was losing fat on the treadmill.

So why am I getting fat again? I gave myself a week off of little exercize and 2500-3000 calories per day, just so my metabolism could stabalize a bit, and now, even though I’m working out with so much more intensity, more frequently, my body is actually acting as though it needs to eat less. My diet hasn’t changed much since I went from fat loss to muscle building goals.

What’s up? And it’s not overtraining, not with the way Dr. Squat arranges the exercises.

Specifics, please. Height/weight/bf levels. What are you eating? How about a sample of a day’s meals?


Who is this Dr. Squat?

Like Lisa said…what are you eating?

We need more info in order to help out.

J Rod! Dude! Dr. Squat is the guy that squatted insane amounts of weight (close to 1000 pounds) DUH!!! :slight_smile:

No offense JRod…but your question just reinforces what I have learned about alot of people posting on this site; and it harkens back to something I alluded to on the thread about curling in the squat rack: namely…that most of the Tmaggers here haven’t been in the iron game very long and shouldn’t probably be giving out advice. There are some of us who go back to the early Post-Arnold days. When training was a no frills…no smith machine type of affair.

Dr. Squat is Fred Hatfield…

Just cause some off us don’t go back to the Arnold days doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. I know guys who go back that far who are still taking liver pills, and still use sets of 30 to “lean out”.

Sorry PtrDR, I wasnt trying to give advice, I just wanted to know who Dr. Squat is. I have never heard of Dr. Squat before, so I was curious. I wouldnt give advice to someone one a subject I had no idea about.

Three time World Powerlifting Champion, he squatted 1014, at 255 lbs. bodyweight and at age 45.
I agree with you, to a certain extent, PtrDR.