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Now What?

Hey all,

I started using my Androgel (1%) about two months ago, starting at a really low dose (one pump per day) and gradually ramping up so my body could get used to the testosterone. Now I’m up to the maximum four pumps and have been for almost a month.

So far, I’ve not seen a big improvement. What I do notice is that I feel a bit stronger, and less tired (most of the time) with a bit more energy. My memory has improved a bit too and so has my cognition.

On the sex side, women are starting to look more interesting to me, although I still have days where my libido is very low to nonexistent. Although I do find myself whacking off more often than I was before starting. Erections are still not very good, and at this stage I don’t know whether the problem is due to not enough T, or an actual physical problem - I find I can sometimes get a half-decent erection, but not keep it that long. If I’m lying flat on my back, erections are quite weak, and if I get up to change positions, the erection doesn’t get appreciably better.

I have just one refill of Androgel left before I have to go back to see my GP to determine whether I should stay on Androgel or not. My GP seems to be of the mindset that he’s going to take me off the Androgel if it’s not doing that much for me. (Sounds like that fear he has that TRT might cause cancer is still lurking in the back of his mind).

I’m wondering if I will start to see some real results in another month of being on the T gel,
or whether I need to look at finding another doctor - my current GP ran testosterone levels and thyroid levels, but didn’t check DHEA, estrogen levels or any pituitary hormones before prescribing the Androgel.

I have a question for the mods, too. I’d like to contact another member who lives in my area who can recommend a good TRT doctor for me, but I don’t have permission to send private messages. How can I contact that member?

Probably LE issues.

I could go into detail about your post. But if you read these these stickies you will be off to a good start.

  • advice for new guys, be open minded to other issues such as thyroid and stress
  • finding a TRT doc, getting a doc to properly do TRT in Canada is very difficult.
  • protocol for injections

You may not be absorbing transdermal T. Some guys just are that way. But often that is caused by full or subclinical hypothyroidism. And transdermals lead to the highest levels of E2. If you cannot absorb thru your skin, you need to inject. Do not bother with the oral testosterone.

What is T and E2? Read the advice for new guys sticky.