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Now wait just one minute here!

Let’s back this the fuck up. A few days ago Brock mentioned a new prohormone product that would surpass Sustanon in results and have fewer side effects. So would you be able to reasonably say that a person could use this prohormone product to match or even surpass the results of your GRAMABOL cycle!? And do it without going bald and growing hair in unnaural places?!!! Would this be the new oral kind of prohormone that Biotest is coming out with, or another topical product?

No, this is something Brock is doing on the side… it won’t be a Biotest product. Also, it’s injectable. Say… are you from Pretoria, South Africa? If so… please let me know if you can get Androsol some how.

No, actually I got the name from “Gladiator.” A pretorian is a guardian of the emperor. I’m not sure about the legality of mailing Androsol to you in South Africa, but I bet that if it’s legal to do so, you could arange something with one of the t-mag guys.