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Bill recently told me that the oral Masteron product that IP sells is not actually Masteron, but something completely unknown! So what the fuck is it? I just ordered some of this stuff thinking it was drostanolone, but I don’t want to take it if I don’t even know what the hell it is!

“Masteron” is the brand name for an injectable, pharmaceutical 2-methyl-DHT (dromostanolone) preparation. Other pharmaceutical brands of the same product are, or were, Permastril, Drolban, and perhaps some others. I think but am not certain that it is not in production anymore.

According to others on this board, a while back, G…wood was selling mestanolone (methyl-DHT), a very different molecule and calling it “Oral Masteron.” This name was not accurate.

Mestanolone is NOT dromostanolone and cannot be expected to be similar in behavior. By calling the product “Oral Masteron,” customers will think it acts like Masteron, and is the same chemical except is an oral formulation. That is not so. It is not the same chemical and will not act similarly. Adding the 17-methyl and lacking the 2-methyl are BIG differences giving you something totally different. Giving you mestanolone, methyl-DHT.

Reportedly IP is selling something different but using the same name, “Oral Masteron.” Again, it is not dromostanolone. Reportedly their stuff is 2,17-dimethyl-DHT, which you could also call 17alpha-methyl-dromostanolone.

It is deceptive to imply that this compound will act like Masteron. Adding a 17 methyl greatly changes the overall shape of the molecule and properties might be quite different. You just do not have the same drug, and the change may be much more than “just making it oral.”

This drug is not Masteron or any kind of Masteron and there is no
reason to think it is any more similar to
Masteron than say oxandrolone or Primobolan

Some companies like names of this sort, that make you think they are some other steroid which has earned a name. Other examples are “Winsterol” and “Equipoize” sold
at one time by a certain supplement company (and which contained no steroids at all),
“Maxteron,” currently being sold, and the mythical “1-testosterone” which is a phony name for what is really a DHT derivative.

Is the IP stuff any good? If it’s methyl-DHT,
the same as what G…wood was pushing by the same name, maybe not, since DHT is a lousy muscle anabolic due to a metabolism which occurs at the 3-position which might very well occur with methyl-DHT as well. If it’s methyl-dromostanolone, then it may be good but is no more likely to be “like Masteron” than any other nonaromatizing, 5alpha-reduced steroid is (e.g., Primobolan, oxandrolone.)

Yes, IP has this product listed as “17,2 methyl-DHT.” I don’t know if he’s trying to deceive us or not, but he should definitely change the name of the product.