Now to Tell if I Need More Anastrozole? Prescribed 2-3x/week as Needed

I’m starting HCG and anastrozole for the first time EACH next week. No longer doing 100mg test cyp once a week as ive been on that my first 12 weeks but new doc said no since I’m 25 and it’s risky.

From what I’ve gathered HCG alone increases test higher than test alone which concerns me because test alone I was at 34 which is borderline.

What the hell do I need to watch out for in order to know to take a 3rd dose or less or to make appointment with doc to increase anastrozole strength, etc?

Let’s wait for symptoms and then we can tackle it together, then we can offer better advice rather than needlessly worrying about something that hasn’t happened. When I first took an AI (.125) I felt great by midday and by the end of the day I could barely keep my eyes open and had a light migraine behind the eyes, this is a classic sign that the AI is too strong.

I would wait for symptoms before taking the AI, that’s what take as needed means.

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SL re-read his post. He is no longer on T injections. He is on a HCG AI only protocol. A standard T boost for a 25 year old.

For naddies taking a low dose AI is know to raise T levels. HCG will also stimulate the testis but E2 needs to be monitored closely and AI adjusted accordingly.