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now that's what I call dancin!


you guys gotta check this out!

wait for the nerdy lookin dude wearing the orange shirt.

I have to say this is the most impressive thing I’ve seen this year.

That’s impressive. No rhythm in my bones for that kind of stuff.

hell yeah man… he must be double jointed or somethin.

i can’t seem to figure out how he did it.

I can’t view that link from here, but if it’s the same thing that I saw a couple a weeks ago… its some crazy shit.

Especially near the end of his dance, when he’s doing that thing that looks like the video is skipping frames.

Homeboys’ definately got some flexibility.

Looks like me trying to down my tenth shot of Tequila.

BOBU I can’t do that but I am not impressed its all Micheal Jackson old moves… He invited those moves… Nothing new… Call him Wacko Jacko but Micheal Jackson is by far the best Dancer, Showman on stage!!! BY FAR!! I don’t think anyone can compare to him… If you want to see real dance moves check out Jacko’s videos… Now that guy can move…

That looks nothing like Michael… what are you talking about? I do agree that MJ’s got some moves, but this kid is unique.

I have never seen MJ move like that.

sorry fitone.

i agree that MJ is a great dancer. He’s got the best innovative moves I’ve seen.


this kid is doin stuff i never imagined he could do. i mean look at him. he looks like a dork and yet manages to pull of some crazy shit.

he’s no MJ but i give him his props.

come on guys look at jacko’s videos… they may tweaked a little but they moonwalking moving like a machine, all created by MJ…
Not giving anthying away from theses guys they are good… But I am not impressed…


Ok Fitone… just send us a vid of your moves and we’ll compare.

Michael Jackson can only grab his crotch nowdays! Back in the early 80’s (Off The Wall period) he had some nice, fluid moves but nothing James Brown wasn’t doing 20 years earlier. Now you wanna see dancin’? Check out some MC Hammer videos. Sure he’s a dud, and his music sucks, but man can that guy dance!

//www.mjnet.com/ check out his clips MJ in the movie clips other was it will take me too long to download… I downloading some up now put it up later… I agree w/ loop about James Brown… Heck even Elivis was good… But I think MJ took it to the next level. MC Hammer was good too but MJ is the originator of all the new moves…