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Now THAT'S an Inspiration


TC really ought to interview this guy. Wow.

Sweet Lord.

That guy absolutely blows Colt Wynn out of the water from the back. Great shoulders, and incredible thickness in the chest, but damn that pec tear makes me cringe.

Colt’s good, great triceps, but this guy has thickness that you is hard to find in the wheelchair ranks a lot of the time.

And his conditioning was pretty damn impressive as well, I’m curious to what he does for cardio, if any at all. I know Colt swims laps, if you haven’t read anything about Colt, i highly suggest it. They guys swam and did powerlifting(bench only) in high school as a paraplegic.

What blew me away was the arm density and thickness. Those peaks would be competitive in a Mr. O lineup.

Kind of puts our struggling in perspective.

Impressive, to say the LEAST! Delts are absolutely extraordinary.


Absolutely wow!!

Thats the best thing I ever seen.

That inspires me. Where’s my db’s at?

That’s awesome!

Wow… very inspiration video. I agree with everyone else, I’m simply astounded by the guy’s arms and delts!

Wow! Incredible physique…and definitely a great inspiration.

Man, thats fucked up haha

I feel like a panzy