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Now THAT'S An Atomic Dog!



This made my day. The music really pulls it together beautifully. And yes, I am an idiot.


Kuz - you da man!!!!


pump little pumper, pump


I do it for the people. High praise coming from you, my Aussie mate!


I loved the SLO-MO!

That, and the kisses after...


I don't think those were kisses. I think it's called cleanup.




I don't feel so well now...


That's hillarious! I think that dog has a little too much testosterone. LOL


I was just wondering the other day what it would look like for Picachu to get pica-fucked.

Thanks Kuz, for stratching another off the "how would they mate" list.



I agree w/ the high T thing, if it wasnt so tiny it would make a great mascot :wink:


I [i]knew[/i] I wasn't the only one.


the part were its legs were floating in the air killed me


Props to Kuz.

I wonder if TC likes pokemon? :stuck_out_tongue: