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Now THAT's A Feel Good Story


This might be one of the best stories I've heard about in a very long time. A high school student with autism has been the manager of his school's basketball team up in Rochester, NY for 4 years and then for the final game, his coach decides to give him a jersey so he could feel like more a part of the team. But with a few minutes left in the game, he decides to put him in. I could hardly believe what happens... check out the video. If you're not a little misty-eyed by the end of this, then I'm not sure where your heart is, pal.


The kid's a beast, what more is to be said? Autistic kids can do anything they want, it's only the people around them that hold them back. I've got alot of autistic family members and the people around them usually cause more problems than the condition itself. Just goes to show you what good training can do to a person.


Never discount the water boy...

It's just so right, no wonder it makes ya misty.


I saw it a few days ago. It was a great story. You couldnt write it more perfect than how it played out. I mean how much more perfect could it get? He airballed his first shot then missed a chipper then.....BANANAS!

En fuego!


This is very, very cool! If only more coaches were like this guy's...


Very, very cool.


Yeah really.

And for that kid, thats really freakin awesome for him.


That was an awesome story. That video was great too.

I liked how excited EVERYONE got. Jumping up and down every time he nailed the shot.


My thought is to keep this one bookmarked for any time I try to make up excuses for why I can't do something, anything. I just had to watch it again for good measure.

And I'm with vroom... never doubt the waterboy.


Awesome video. I'm not all that enthused about the mom's quote:

Give the kid some fucking credit, I think he had a lot to be proud of before the basketball game.

Of course, it's possible that I'm just taking things out of context.

This sure changed some of my preconceptions about autism, though...


It does make you wonder about Jack's comments above: how much are the limitations of someone with autism their own as opposed to those created by those around them? I'm more of a believer that people need to be challenged, regardless of conditions. If you constantly treat someone as if they will never amount to anything or try to protect them from failure, you're doing them no favor.


hands down my favorite story of all time thank you for finding such a great story


That was cool. Kind of gives you a bit more confidence in the human race, although I was also a bit put off by the mother's comment.


a true t-man


I agree with all the comments on how great of a story it is, and I truly think its amazing for that kid and I dont think any of us will ever get to feel what he felt in those four minutes. I may be wrong about that, but I cant imagine that being anything other than absolutely amazing for him.

Anyway... That being aside. I think he should have gotten recognition even if this didnt happen. Again, I think its great that he got his four minutes of fame and again, he probebly felt like the coolest kid in the school after that and obviously its well deserved.

But doesnt anyone else agree that showing up to help coach the team for four years, by itself deserves this kid some freakin praise. By what his teammate said about him like how he was missed at practice when he was sick... He's gotta have a big effect on these kids by just showing up.

...Not to take away from the article, or what he did, it was just a thought haha.


That was beautiful.



If he can hit six 3s in a row, you have to wonder why the coach didn't give him a chance earlier in the season.


Both the guy and the coach.

Geek boy


lol I never thought of it that way.


Yeah, I def. agree... the points scored were just the icing on the cake for such a special dedication...