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Now that the Election is Over...

Do people take back some of the very hateful and probably untrue things said about Bush and Kerry.

I mean People were labeling Bush a retard and Calling Kerry a terrorist. Obviously neither person is as bad as the other side made them out to be. They are just two people with differing ideas about the world. One happened to have about 1% more of the population that agreed with him.

While I voted for Kerry I hope and think that President Bush will do a good job in the next four years. I have a feeling that he will move a little more toward center and finally become the uniter that he claimed to be.

It was never personal for me. I thought Kerry looked extremely good in giving his concession speech – he chose the best path for the country, and he spoke eloquently and in a heart-felt manner.

I’m sure he’ll keep doing the job of representing his Massachusetts constituents’ liberal political views in the Senate – I just don’t agree with those views.

I’m thankful that Kerry took the loss like a man. I can’t imagine him making an ass out of himself the next 4 years the way Gore has.

In response to the intial question, I don’t really have anything to retract. I never said anything about either candidate that I feel was untrue or even biased. I think Bush will continue to be a good representative for the compassionate conservatives of the world and a good “Secretary of Offense.” Unfortunately, I’m not one of those that Bush adequately represents, but if I ever get it all figured out, I’ll just run in 2016.

On another note…

[quote]ILOVEGWBUSH7 wrote:
…While I voted for Kerry I hope and think that President Bush will do a good job in the next four years. I have a feeling that he will move a little more toward center and finally become the uniter that he claimed to be…[/quote]

I really don’t foresee Bush running toward the center. At all. As a second-term president, he no longer has the need to appeal to the centrist voter. With House and Senate running right, he will actually be better armed for supporting those right-wing ideals in which he has shown personal favor. I just don’t see how or why Bush would move toward the center at this point. Being a lame-duck and having a stong Republican legislature, things are becoming very well-suited for a very conservative term.


I might (or probably) will be wrong about him moving to the center. But it would be nice to see him drop the gay ban thing and work on the really important stuff like the war on terror, the war in iraq, and social security reform as well as tax reform.

I guess when I said move toward the center I meant to say that he might drop issues that the feds don’t really have a say in (or shouldn’t) like gay marriage, and stick to things like taxes, social security, and the war on terror and Iraq.


It would definitely be nice to see a resurgence of federalism.


Your attempt at reconcilliation is welcomed.

Did you watch W’s Press Conference today?

I was proud. He was well-informed, firm, ARTICULATE, and hilarious.

Any chance you might want to give him a chance over the next four years?

Kerry was over-promoted. He was not the right man for the job.

I have nothing against him personally.


JeffR I didn’t get to see the press conference it was on before I got home for lunch. yeah, I mean I hope he does great things, I just don’t know if he will.

but people are right about Kerry not being the right man for the job, I just hope that Bush is.

P.S. when can I go back to my old name? (joking)

I have always stated that we should attack the issues not the person. There were mean spirited posters on both sides of the political spectrum to be sure. Those who attacked John Kerry personally, calling him anti-American for protesting the Viet Nam war (after winning three purple hearts in that very war) were wrong. Those who personally attacked the President, and comparing him to Hitler and claiming he is a criminal are equally at fault.

As far as my personal feelings about John Kerry, I don’t know him any better than I know President Bush. Can any of us really claim that we know these gentlemen? All we really know is where they stand on the issues. At times that’s even difficult to understand.

Personally, I think John Kerry represents a part of this country that is liberal. Good Americans can be liberal, I just don’t happen to agree with them. Because I do not agree with them I don’t feel that that gives me a right to attack them personally on this forum, or face to face. (Incidentally, I think many of the regular nasty posters on this forum would not act the same way in a face to face encounter). I would hope that liberals would take the same attitude toward me and others who supported President Bush.

I can tell you quite honestly had John Kerry been elected I would have wished him the best and not belittled him personally, even if I disagreed with his policies.

I think it’s time that this country return to more civil discourse. Harsh, unproven personal attacks on anyone only agitate, they never convince!

ZEB couldn’t agree with you more. I voted for Kerry (I.E. my screen name), but I can only hope the best for Bush, because if he is doing good it must mean that our country is doing good.

Look, I congratulate Bush, he took this election by storm. He is now completely legitimate, whereas four years ago many disagreed.

I won’t lie, the Republicans are execellent at running campaigns. As much as I hate Tom Delay, he runs his party like its a parliament and its successful.

Talking points over now, Kerry ran one of the worst campaigns ever. He allowed Bush to define him, he allowed Bush to define what moral values are.

(He allowed the term ‘liberal’ to carry negative connotations, when he should have turned it around, and said “This country was founded on idealism. JFK was a liberal, Roosevelt was a liberal.”)

He didn’t respond to the swiftboats, hell, this wasn’t even a contest until after the first debate where did exceptionally well.

The Democrats are in trouble unless they can come together and define what they stand for as the Republicans have done.

As far as Bush moving toward the center, it won’t happen. What with the House, the Senate, and probably the Court, I see him moving even farther right, and he has every right to do so. He won a majority, he won an extra 3 million votes, he is completely legitamate. His party is exceptionally organized and ran a sure fire campaign. He will keep on appealing to them, and he should, he has every right to and he ran a better campaign.