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Now that doesn't feel good.

Last night I’m finishing off my last set of cable crunches and I start going into my first set of hanging leg raises. I glance across the gym to see this guy who looks like he’s performing a bridge and bench press at the same time. Appaled by his form, I realized I had to look away as I had been staring the way one might look at a carnival freak. That’s when it happened. I reached down after my set to strech my hams and I began to feel my lower abs bunch up and start to twist and contort. I hunched over and grabbed at my knotted up abs and tried not to freak out. This has happened before and the feeling make me want to hurl. Anyone ever experiance this?

Yeah, I have. It’s happened in kickboxing class, when I am high kicking sometimes. It’s like your muscles are twisting into knots and you can’t do anything but stretch and hurt more.

Can’t say I ever felt this but I can say that same guy must have been at my gym too. 225 and arching the whole way up was waiting for his back to blow…lol

I get cramps in my abs sometimes, when working them. I always cut my ab sets well short of failure, to avoid it.